New Halo Wars 2 Vidoc “Know Your Enemy” Released

Ever since Halo Wars 2 was finally announced, Halo fans have been clamoring for information about the game’s plot, settings, and new characters. Now, with a new Halo Wars 2 vidoc released, we’ve got at least some information about a few of the characters that will be in the game.

The first Halo Wars ended on what was essentially a cliffhanger. The UNSC Spirit of Fire, the player’s main base from the last game, was forced to power down due to being without a Slipspace drive that would allow it to return to UNSC space.

Now, 28 years later, the Spirit of Fire is brought back online, its crew removed from cryostasis to address the ship’s arrival at the Ark, the Forerunner installation that served as the focus of the second half of Halo 3.

Some of the characters we’re introduced to in the Halo Wars 2 vidoc include Isabelle, a UNSC logistics AI that was left behind during the hurried evacuation from the installation, and Atriox, a Brute chieftain that leads the game’s antagonist faction.

The leader of the Banished, an army of rogue Covenant, Atriox is atypical of a Brute. In addition to being much stronger than any Brute we’ve seen before (able to take three Spartans on in combat and win), he’s also extremely intelligent and a gifted tactician, and will serve as the main antagonist for the game.

The Banished themselves are also atypical of the Covenant, having a number of custom vehicles whose trademarks are heavy armor and a lot of spiky bits, normally seen on Brute weapons and vehicles in Halo 3.

A major part of the game, as said in the Halo Wars 2 vidoc, will be Captain Cutter and the rest of the Spirit of Fire crew attempting to find out where they are, and what’s happened in the three decades since they had to go into cryo, as they’ve apparently drifted out of the galaxy to the Ark’s location.

Halo Wars 2 is supposed to be releasing February 21 on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, so we still have a while longer to wait until we can get our hands on it.