Halo Wars 2 Skulls Locations Guide

Halo Wars 2 Skulls Locations Guide to help you find all the Skulls and unlocking ‘Collecting A Dream’ Achievement.

Halo Wars 2 sees the return of collectible items called skulls that are spread across different levels. The skulls are used to unlock special effects that will help you in battle.

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Halo Wars 2 Skulls Locations

In the main campaign, there are 15 skulls hidden on different levels. You can use these skulls to for positive and negative traits to each battle. Skulls have costs so keep track of each one.

Effect: Marine grenades and Grunt mines splatter paint

Play missions “Ascension” and destroy the main base.

Grunt Birthday Party
Effect: Grunts will explore into pieces

Complete Mission “A New Enemy” in the main campaign. Get your hands on all of the Power Nodes.

Bountiful Harvest
Effect: Supply pads supplies arrive 25% faster.

Don’t let any rescued prisoners die in “One Three Zero.”

Pain Train
Effect: All player units train 50% faster. You final score will decrease though.

There is a hidden Banished base in the “Ascension” mission. Go to the Island and destroy the base to get this skull.

Effect: Play units slowly lose HP after creation but final score will increase.

Release all prisoners in  Lights Out to get this skull.

Effect: All player Powers recharge twice as fast.

There is a northern expansion to The Banished base in the “The Cartographer,” destroy it to earn the skull.

Total Annihilation
Effect: Spartan Slams damage increase but final score will decrease.

Don’t let the Spartan get down and complete the mission “From the Deep.”

Effect: Grunts and Marines will explode when they die, causing damage to nearby enemies. Final score will decrease.

Keep Particle Cannon’s health above 50% at all times during “Hold the Line.”

Effect: 50% less HP for play units but final score will increase.

Protect all of your barricades alive in “Hold the Line.”

Wuv Woo
Effect: Scarab and Locust beam weapons will shoot rainbows.

The Scarab needs to survives the entire “The Foundry” mission.

Things That Make You Go Boom
Effect: Hero units cause a nuclear explosion upon death. Final score will decrease.

Kill all three of the Brute Warlords during “Under the Dark.”

After Party
Effect: Player will earn a tank or infantry unit after his Firebase is destroyed.

Rescue Bravo Base in The Halo to get this one.

Sugar Cookies
Effect: Player units will have 50% more HP. Final score will decrease.

Don’t let the Scarab HP drop below  25% during “The Foundry” mission.

Effect: Infantry units are cloaked at the start.

Kill Brute Warlords and their reinforcements in “The Last Stand” mission.

Effect: There won’t be any  checkpoints or saves on all difficulty levels. Final score will increase.

Make sure Control Room Shield in “Last Stand” takes less 20% damage throughout the mission.

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