Halo Wars 2 DLC Leader Details Will Be Coming Next Week

Developer 343 Industries said it will probably start talking about Halo Wars 2 DLC Leader in the coming week, providing new details to gamers about what is coming their way. The players should get ready for some awesome details.

We’ve got some pretty awesome new details about Halo Wars 2 DLC Leader that should be emerging next week, so grab a buddy and be ready!

According to the 343 Industries, new leaders will be released on a monthly basis, the studio is working very hard to give Halo Wars 2 a fresh feel with the passing time.

343 Industries will release a small new update for the game this week that fixes a crash scenario and other bugs, including the ones that occurred in the Kinsano update.

  • This update will fix the campaign save files from previous version, the save files will now load successfully.
  • Fixed the issue where watchtower and motion sensor do not detect cloaked units.
  • Fixed the issue where clocking generator would stop cloaking after 15 seconds, even if the advance cloaking power was fully unlocked.
  • Fixed issue where Forge’s warthog was not displaying aura VFX and his upgrades are also not working.
  • Updated text for Forge’s Rolling Economy Leader Power to match balance changes made in the Kinsano update.

The first Halo Wars 2 DLC Leader, Kinsano, was released in March and by the looks of it, there are much more coming. these new leaders will be included in Halo Wars 2 season pass or can even be purchased separately.

If Halo Wars 2 keep getting new leaders and powers, then the game is sure to keep things interesting, Kinsano was a good addition to the game, and this makes me wonder what back story will the future new leaders have.

Well, I can say one thing for sure after seeing Halo Wars 2 DLC Leader, Kinsano, my expectation are a lot higher, and I expect the new upcoming leaders to be better and better with cool new powers, maybe this time they will give a unique set of powers to the leader, let us wait and see.

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