How To Get Halo Scythe In Elden Ring

The Halo Scythe is a weapon that is an extremely good choice for a ranged build. This scythe is a...

The Halo Scythe is a weapon that is an extremely good choice for a ranged build. This scythe is a special item and is wielded by Lesser Cleanrot Knights. The stats required to wield this weapon yourself are listed below;

  • 13 Strength
  • 16 Dexterity
  • 15 Faith

The Halo Scythe belongs to the group of Reapers in Elden Ring. This guide contains all the info you will need to make sure if this is the weapon for you.

Halo Scythe Location in Elden Ring

The Halo Scythe is the primary weapon of the Lesser Cleanrot Knights and can be found in Aeonia, the Swamp in Elden Ring. It is important to note that there are two types of knights in this area, both of which are similar to each other but vary in weapon choices. The Lesser Cleanrot knights wield the Halo Scythe while the knights which rise up from the water wield Cleanrot Spears. Both the weapons are worlds apart in differences so keep an eye out.

To find this weapon, fast travel to the Heart of Aeonia; Site of Grace. The knight wielding this scythe can be found near this site. Once you reach the site, go south towards the structure. The knight should be lurking around to your right.

Once defeated, the knight will release Scarlet Rot and it is quite powerful so grab everything you need and rush back towards the site of Grace. Rest at the site or fast travel anywhere else as now you have your desired item.

What does Halo Scythe do in Elden Ring, Is it Any Good?

The Halo Scythe launches Holy attacks. When equipped, your character will start to swing this weapon sideways. With each complete swing, a Holy attack in the form of a spinning Holy wheel will appear. It will stay for a brief moment before heading forward. This attack can be performed in a chain if you have enough Stamina and FP.

The Halo Scythe also has a blood Loss skill called Hemorrhage. Hemorrhage is a passive skill that enables you to damage an enemy to a certain point where a lucky hit is activated and the character unleashes a much deadlier strike with so much damage that “increased” sounds like an understatement. This skill has its own bar which fills up with every strike or blow you land on the enemy using this weapon. Once this bar is full, the strike will be launched in combination with your next strike. As the bar is unseen and does not show up on the HUD, you cannot expect it to land where you want it to. You will have to patiently wait and hope for the strike to happen.

The base stat for this weapon can be found as follows:

  • 118 Physical Damage
  • 76 Holy Damage
  • 57 Crit Attack Boost
  • 42 Physical Damage Negation
  • 29 Magic Damage Negation
  • 29 Fire Damage Negation
  • 29 Lightning Damage Negation
  • 42 Holy Damage Negation
  • 15 Guard Boost

As it is a Special Item, it can be upgraded to +10 using Somber Smithing Stones. Upon upgrading it to the Max level, the following upgrades can be expected;

  • 289 Physical Damage
  • 186 Holy Damage
  • 114 Crit Attack Boost
  • The Damage Negations Remain the same

Being a Special Item, it cannot be infused with Ashes of War. It can neither be enchanted with magic nor buffed by Consumables.

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