Halo Reach Tip of the Spear Legendary Guide

In this guide, we will discuss the whole walkthrough of Tip of the Spear mission for Halo Reach PC. Tip of the Spear is the 5th mission for the game and our Halo Reach Tip of the Spear Legendary guide will help you complete it with ease.

Halo Reach Tip of the Spear Legendary

Starting out in Halo Reach MCC Tip of the Spear, you will have to kill a bunch of enemies with which you will get the assistance of Pelican in which you would get rocket launchers with the means of delivery of a Warthog.

The best option is to stay near the cliff ledge on the left side and use grenade launcher on the first wave of enemies and normal grenades would help you out with the turret and you can take out the remaining easily.

Now you can drive the hog straight to the ravine and get off at the short ledge and help your AI gunner who would be taking out the enemies there.

Get back in the hog when you see the big Anti-Air gun and drive through what appears to be a cave. Keep on the right side as this will cause you to meet with a ghost.

If you ignore it and drive away, then your AI gunner will take care of destroying it and you can move on with your path again keeping towards the right.

You will arrive at a left bend on the road which will have a boulder waiting for you in the right.

The first AA gun would now be close to you, so close that it now targets the hog’s rocket. You can get out of the hog and kill the AI gunner by taking a headshot.

Now you can take control of the turret and fire rockets at the AA until it is destroyed.

When you have taken care of the AA get back into the vehicle and back track to the path you came from and when the road bends to the right around the big hill, turn right and make your way up the hill and you will arrive at a bridge that has a gap.

You would see a Pelican flying in over the bridge. A bridge spanner would be needed in order to cross the bridge.

When you approach the first bend, you have to get out of the hog and take out the enemies there using your DMR.

Keep moving through the ravine and eventually you will get to an open area which will contain a large building which you can get to after crossing another bridge.

You would be able to clear the area from a safe distance using your rocket turret if you park near the 2nd closet tree to the bridge. You can utilize a shortcut through the structure by jumping down on a particular location on the support beams.

Keep going forward when the platform is clear then turn left and go up the stairs. When you get to the top of the first set of stairs, a number of covenant which will be along the walkways.

Clear those before you move on and then do the same for the next set of stairs.

You will find a needle rifle that you need to grab from the Covenant weapon box and don’t waste its ammo for now.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next turret which would be around the corner that will also have elite and some enemies with it.

You will be led to a walkway which will not end well if you drop off into the courtyard below.

There will be a V-shaped enemy marker that you will see on the opposite building’s roof across. That would be Elite Zealot.

Use the needle rifle to kill him quickly and it will unlock Your Heresy Will Stay Your Feet achievement.

There is a plasma launcher at the ground before the last ledge near the two heath pack that you must swap with one of your weapons.

The alternate weapon should be the needle rifle as it will prove to be beneficial for you. When you go down, take out a couple of enemies but ignore the ghost and get the bigger vehicle.

Keep going forward until you get to another bridge which will have an AA gun. Now go along the base of the raised area and take out enemies as you do.

There is a slop ahead that you should climb up as you will be open to enemy fire there.

The best thing would be to search for the part where the slope is more steep along with which you have to take your vehicle and then to get to get to the AA gun you will have to boost up.

When you do this you would be able to destroy the core of using your vehicle mortar by shooting it in the courtyard.

There will still be enemies to deal with. You would also need to take out the AA gun. Now don’t stay still until you have taken care of the wraith.

When all the enemies are gone, you will be on the grenade turret gunner’s seat in the Pelican but be sure to not sit on the turretless seat.

You need to shoot at the left side of the first bridge or the cliffs on your left.

Try clear as much as you can and keep in mind the arc effect of bullets as you fire at enemies that are far.

Your focus should be on shade turrets as they can cause trouble if you get close enough and it might take multiple tries for you to take them out.

Eventually you will crash into an energy barrier and you will fall into a tall enemy spire. Make your way through the valley carefully.

You will find a jetpack where you landed. Use it and keep towards the right. Use the jetpack and go up onto a long flat structure sticking out toward the spire.

Now use the Needle Rifle or DMR to snipe the enemies below that you can see. Once that is done, use the jetpack to go at the upper ledge.

You will see two Fuel Rod wielding Grunts on both sides of the control panel that has a ramp beside it.

Head the former one immediately as he would be sure to send you back to your checkpoint. Pick up the plasma pistol after killing the grunt and take out the Elite that would rush at you with it by quickly charging up a shot to blast off his shields before you finish up with a headshot and then take out the other Grunt.

Activate the console and your Halo Reach Tip of the Spear legendary difficulty mission will be completed.

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