Halo Reach The Pillar of Autumn Legendary Guide

This guide includes the complete walk-through of The Pillar of Autumn, and it will help you cover all the tasks that you will be required to perform in order to complete this mission in Halo Reach on PC. Read on for our complete Halo Reach The Pillar of Autumn Legendary guide.

The Pillar of Autumn is the 10th and last mission of Halo Reach MCC and if you have been playing on legendary, completing this will unlock A Monument to All Your Sins achievement for you.

Halo Reach The Pillar of Autumn Legendary

Once you start The Pillar of Autumn on legendary difficulty, utilize your M6G to put down as many Grunts as possible. Do not fight the Elites because you can’t win over them with your current loadout.

Head towards the hut while using Emile to perform most of the fight. The enemies will outnumber you, but they’ll eventually retreat.

You will reach a hut which has DMR ammos, after you drive with the Mangoose. Kill the geeks on the platform and head left and find yourself a good viewpoint to kill all the enemies using the DMR.

Make sure you don’t cross the stone blocks because the Wraith will then become a threat for you.

Make use of the rock boulders as your cover and head towards the workshops. There may be some enemies over here so be wary of them. Once the foot soldiers have gone, put the Wraith down using the Rocket Launcher.

Stock up on the DMR ammo right before you leave. You will encounter Skirmishers that will have Needler Rifles.

Keep the Needler Rifle and the ammo. Once you encounter the buggers, let Emile deal with them.

You will see a drop shield in the cavern where you will also watch Carter make a sacrifice. Collect more Needler and DMR ammo.

There will be a battle in front of the factory, snipe enemies at the cliff edge. Make the bullets count!

Once you’ve killed as much enemies as you could, go to the cabin situated on the left side of the battle area.

You will find more DMR ammo here and fight off the remaining waves of enemies.

In the end, you will face 3 Elites, use the exits here to go in and out of cover and put pressure on the Elites by shooting accurately and employing Emile’s assistance.

Be wary of the wild concussion rounds and the plasma grenades while putting the 3 Elites down.

There will be a Sniper Rifle and a Spartan Laser in the first floor of the factory. You can destroy all 3 gun turrets using the laser.

Do not switch to the Needler Rifler for this while since you’re going to need it for later.

Once you get to the place with 2 Hunters and a few Skirmishers, you will need the Needler Rifle and a Plasma Grenade.

Use the boiler as cover to put down Skirmishers. Avoid getting hit by the Furl Rod Gun.

You can find a shotgun here to kill the Hunters once the Skirmishers are gone.

Use your radar to locate the Hunters and put them down with the shotgun.

The next place will have a camo Elite in it, keep your shotgun close and use the radar to locate him.

Three shots should be enough to put him down. Before you leave the factory, make sure you have the plasma grenade with yourself.

In the next area, you will see a shaggy hut with two floors to your left, the ground floor will have some weapons including the M6G. Ditch the Sniper Rifle on the top floor for now.

There will be a Landing Pad to the right, and a stairs that lead down to an area with rock boulders, which will be your exit to next part of this mission in Halo Reach MCC.

Hurry up and go down the slope and head towards the slope. You will see Brutes and Grunts approaching. Use the stairs as your cover and fight them.

The Brutes may try to climb down the stairs while the Grunts stay at the top. After your shield drops down go back upstairs and get your drop shield.

Use short or medium range weapons to clear them out and go inside the shaggy hut and pick the M6G up and head to a good vantage point to shoot enemies down.

When you are done with the M6G, the first wave would probably be ending. For the second wave, go to the hut and use the Assault Rifle against the grunts that start coming up the stairs.

You will need to hold off the enemies in the mountain’s path. Keep in mind though that on the legendary difficulty in Halo Reach MCC, the assault rifle is pretty much a pea-shooter on most enemies.

Go back to the shaggy hut when it gets relatively quiet, hit the wall with the plasma grenade and a weapon rack will come out, though it may be out by itself as well. There will be 4 DMRs and 1 Shotgun.

The third wave will start even if you’re not done with the second wave yet.

The third wave will start in the sandy place where you first started the fight.

The first enemy will be the Brute Hero with the Gravity Hammer. Use the shotgun and follow the UNSC soldiers.

The Brute will try to melee the soldiers while you can pump him with the shotgun. And since he’s rather clumsy, you may be able to handle him.

However, since this is legendary difficulty you can pretty much die in one hit so be careful.

Make sure you kill him fast since he will have a Fuel Rod Gun, plus the Brutes and Jackals will also be a pain.

If you’re pressed, use the Needler Rifle instead of the Shotgun and use the DMR later. Use the DMR if you’re not pressed.

Use your vantage point again, and your radar. It will take a while and a lot of rounds to put them down. So make sure you use your bullets well.

Once you’ve handed the package over, pick up your Sniper Rifle. You will see Grunts near the doorway.

Use the DMR and the Needler Rifle for the Grunts, and the Sniper Rifle for their leaders.

By now you will have Elite Heroes attracted, they will have some over-shields on them.

Do not use the Sniper Rifle yet, you will need it as you near the end of Halo Reach MCC on PC. After a while, the shield will disappear, and you will be able to take out 2 Elites and 2 Elite Heroes using the Sniper Rifle.

Once you’re done, head to the factory. There will be a dead UNSC near the doorway with a dropped DMR. Use this for the last Covenant Hero.

Now will come the time for the big gun, once you’ve initiated the sequence, go ahead and exit the gun. Head downstairs and wait for the command to shoot the Corvette.

The Covenant Ships will rain hell down on you but you will have the time to fire one shot and that will be adequate.

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