Halo Reach The Package Legendary Guide

If you are looking to complete Halo Reach mission "The Package" in legendary difficulty, this guide is for you.

In this guide, we’ll be covering mission 9 of Halo Reach MCC, The Package. This Halo Reach The Package Legendary guide will help you complete this mission on legendary difficulty for the A Monument To All Your Sins achievement.

Halo Reach The Package Legendary

The Package in Halo PC starts near a lake from a group of Covenant. Multiple Grunts carrying weapons are roaming around in this area.

You can also come across some Skirmishers carrying snipers. This is where your DMR comes in handy.

At the center of the lake, you’ll see a structure with a Holographic Decoy and an Armor Lock. For now, you’ll have to focus on your Sprint Armor Ability and ignore this area.

As soon as you take a shot at someone, you become the target of many turrets. Take cover behind the rock and pick each enemy you want to kill.

Begin your rampage by killing the first turret. Take out the Grunt carrying the Fuel Rod Gun, coming at your way.  This is where you’ll start dealing damage as you’ll be shot at by the Ghost, the sniper tower along with the turret in the south.


It’s just a matter of time when your teammates join the scene and assist you. Be sure to keep at least one of them alive.

Take out the Grunt operating the second turret before it takes out any of your soldiers.

Now, a wave of Skirmisher will arrive at the scene, kill them with your scope and few rounds of DMR, that’ll be enough to clear the tower.

Across the tower, there’s a Ghost coming at your way. Simply sprint towards it, jump at it and take it down.

There’s another Grunt with a Fuel Rod Gun near the sniper tower, take him down with your DMR.

If you are on your Ghost then you can blow up the tower just by shooting at it.

Near the sniper tower is a hut. Enter the hut and find DMR ammo and score a Medkit outside of it.

Be sure to take the Fuel Rod Gun before exiting; it will help you when you face the Elites.

There’s a Scorpion Tank towards the south. This tank has a powerful cannon that possesses an ability to clear out anything that comes in its path with a single blast.

Make sure you don’t lure the sniper tower at the Scorpion. The thing that helps you the most in this mission is your surviving troop who takes control of the turret.

As soon as you get an opening, destroy the sniper tower on the south. Be careful for the enemies at the north side of the area.

Simply take a peek and fire shots at the Ghost, keep in mind that there are many enemies wandering around so, aim carefully.

Move ahead and find another sniper tower. You know what to do, destroy it! Just turn towards the west side from your current location and take shots at the upcoming wave of enemies.

Be really careful when killing the enemies as there’s a turret at the center of the road that can shoot you with plasma if you’re too close to it.

Move a little bit towards the north, passing the plasma turret and come across a couple of Ghosts in the corner.

Use your cannon at them and blast those guys without wasting any time. Take them out by single shots since you don’t want to take chances.

In the next corner, you’ll encounter a Covenant AA gun, your Scorpion makes is easy to aim at them. Just aim at the gun and fire a couple of rounds till a self-destruct alarm pops ups.

You’re not through with these AA guns yet, move west and spot another AA gun. Before dealing with it, kill the Jackals on the hill and wait till two ghosts arrive at their aid.

At this point, some Banshees will enter the mix as well. Shoot the Banshees along with taking down the second AA gun.

Once the AA gun is taken down, some Falcons will assist you by killing the overpopulated Banshees.

Now, head north then east and you’ll run into a sniper tower and the Sword Base. Take down the tower from a distance and move east to find a set of three Ghosts over the hill.

Be cautious when firing at them from a close range and shoot in front to catch it in the blast.

There’s a canyon on the east having four turrets and countless Revenants on it. These Revenants can destroy your ride if they spot you.

Use the big rock at the top to take cover and peek out to fire at them and eventually kill them all.

Two more turrets can be found near the rock you hide behind, one shoots green and the other shoots blue.

If these colorful turrets start firing at you, simply back up and try again after a while.

Before moving any further, verify whether you destroyed the Revenant that followed you from the valley.

There’s no chance of evading it, therefore, maintain some distance and once it starts shooting, take cover and save yourself.

Because you won’t find many Health packs in this area and there are many enemies to deal with later on.

Few more turrets to go! The next turret you’ll find will be in the southeast. Take it out quickly and move into the valley.

At last, the fourth and final turret you’ll find will be located near the Sword Base (upper left as you round the Base’s wall).

Keep yourself beside the wall and take a glance at the edge and fire the turret down. As soon as you get the objective ‘Enter Sword Base’ and still have your tank mobile, you’ll unlock the Tank Beats Everything achievement.

When approaching the waypoint, make sure you shoot the annoying Banshees and enter the Sword Base from the main gate, destroying any Revenants at this point.

Once you’ve entered the base, head to the courtyard through the tunnel. As you come up to the courtyard, be sure to stick to the side of the ramp as there is a Covenant in the area and the ramp will be used as your cover.

When the coast is clear, your teammates will lead you down to the Base. Head up the ramps inside, killing any enemy coming in your way. Make your way to the courtyard and face the invisible Spec-Ops Elites; who are eagerly waiting for your arrival.

The main ally of the Elites is the Engineer, as it provides them with a shield. Therefore, make sure you take out the Engineer in the courtyard before it shields the Elites and makes your mission even harder.

Go up to the second floor of this courtyard towards the waypoint and start your next area in this mission: Defense of Halsey’s lab.

In this area, you’ll be rewarded with the Fast and Low achievement if you hijack the Banshees. Therefore, at the start of this area, head towards the building on your left near the hill.

As you come across the building, you’ll see some weapons and armor abilities on the wall of the building’s entrance.

Trade your ability for a Jetpack, sounds like a fair deal! Once you’ve received the Jetpack, fly over the roof of the building and keep an eye on the Banshee as it will try to attack you by flying towards your side.

Once it starts shooting at you, avoid its shots, jetpack up and hijack it to unlock the Fast and Low achievement.

Defending Halsey’s building is so simple when the Banshee is around, as you can easily trade the firing mode from its rapid-fire shots to the green Fuel Rod-like plasma bomb.

Keep blasting the waves of enemies until none are left.

You can also hijack another Banshee if yours has taken too much damage.

Simply fly near another Banshee and exit yours while holding the hijack button to take over the other one. This is why hijacking a Banshee is so much fun in Halo Reach.

At last, after what felt like an eternity, you’ve finally updated your objective; Enter Halsey’s Lab.

Move up the entrance of the lab and activate the panel (at the orange waypoint) and enter the lab to end the mission and receive the This Is Not Your Grave achievement.

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