Halo Reach Oni Sword Base Legendary Guide

The 2nd playable mission of Halo Reach takes place near and on an Office of Naval Intelligence base as Noble Team has to make their way in. This Halo Reach Oni Sword Base Legendary guide will help you complete this Halo Reach MCC mission on the highest difficulty on PC.

Halo Reach Oni Sword Base

The first part of the Oni Sword Base mission requires you to kill two vehicles with a single shot from the target locator, near the start of the first two Wraiths you encounter. This is going to get you the Two Corpses in One Grave achievement.

There is a checkpoint after the fight, which is important as now you are going to grab the locator from the tunnel and move to the hill.

Get Off My Lawn!

Destroy it when you see the Wraiths coming and use the checkpoint to redo if you fail.

Once you have reset the game at Legendary, you have to start with wiping out the courtyard. Get the locator from the bulkhead area. You are going to see the Wraiths coming your way.

Use the target locator in order to take them out, or you can just get out of the area. On your way out, you are going to encounter Grunts.

Take them out and capture the vehicle by killing the Grunt in the Ghost. Now go to the building with the antenna over it and take out the enemies. While you are doing this, a ship is going to fly over the building just to drop off a mass of enemies.

To save yourself from the chaos, be quick in dealing with the first batch of enemies, using the target locator, and move to the base of the building.

Once you have cleared out the area, go to the roof of the building and find and activate the button.

Try to move out of the building in the Ghost once you have cleared the area as soon, another batch of enemies is going to come your way.

You have to reach the next waypoint in the Ghost and stop before the space with two wooden structures. Use your Ghost to go to the backside of the building and head to the roof to activate the button. You have to do this quickly before the area is locked down by the enemies.

Once you have activated the button, hop back in the Ghost and head back to the base you just came from.

If you have successfully activated both the buttons on the rooftop, then you are going to get a ‘Return to Base’ update.

Head back to the area where you got your Ghost earlier in MCC Oni Sword Base mission from and search for a Rocket Launcher in that area. You are going to find it next to a boulder.

Get it but keep the Target Locator as your secondary weapon. Once you have got the Rocket Launcher in your hands, get inside the doors to activate the button found at the left.

You have to save yourself from the mortar blasts and reach inside securely.

Office of Naval Intelligence

Get to the courtyard, where you were when the mission began. You have to fire at the pathway which takes you up to the courtyard. You have to kill the enemies with the blast you are about to create.

You can enter the area and fight the enemies face to face as well. Obviously, the former plan is much easier and quicker. This is going to get you a  Killionaire medal.

In the open base, you are going to encounter two Hunters, and here you are going to use your Rocket Launcher. These hunters are going to come at you simultaneously soo you have to take care of them by using a strategy.

You cannot stay back and try to kill them as they are going to hide behind their shields. Once you are through with them, go to the elevator by activating the orange waypoint.

You are going to come across some enemies and are also going to get a Concussion Rifle from an Elite, which is going to help you reach the bridge from the courtyard.

You have to reach the top area and enter the room, which is going to get you ‘Secure Breach and Eliminate Air Forces’ objective. On your right side, you are also going to find a Rocket Launcher.

In the hall next to it, there are two Jackals and an open doorway to the right with Banshees and Phantoms flying around.

You are going to use your Rocket Launcher in order to take down the Banshees and Phantoms and finish your Halo Reach PC mission with it.

Tips to Finish Oni Sword Base on Legendary

Follow these tips and tricks to ease your journey through the Oni Sword Base mission in Halo Reach.

Keep an eye on ammo usage as the less ammo you waste, the further you will progress without having to reload to checkpoints to refill ammo.

Be warned that a single overcharged plasma blast can disable you while in a vehicle. Prepare to dismount and protect yourself if necessary.

Engage in ranged combat as it is the best option for you and will result in you taking less damage than usual.

Clear the areas and then take the checkpoint to ensure that your latest progress is saved.