Halo Reach One Final Firefight Achievement Guide

If you are looking to get Halo Reach One Final Fireflight Achievement in The Master Chief Collection, this guide is for you.

Halo Master Chief Collection has lots of new achievements added to it and now you can complete these achievements to get higher on the global ranking. One of these achievements you can unlock when playing MCC on PC is called One Final Firefight. This Halo Reach One Final Firefight Achievement guide will help you unlock this achievement on PC.

Halo Reach One Final Firefight Achievement

First, you need to start the Lone Wolf mission and set the difficulty to your own personal choice as there is no restriction of the difficulty level.

For the completion, easy is recommended and normal is also suitable.

Also, make sure to activate all the Halo Reach skulls that you are comfortable with when you start the mission.

Keep in mind the main objective here is to survive for as long as possible and you should have your skills and difficulty accordingly set so that you can reach 150,000 points and for that also make sure that scoring is turned on.

What you need to do the most is flanking on those Elites and in doing so assassinate them as well.


For this flanking, you need to enable the Black Eye skull so make sure it is turned on as it will regenerate the shielding.

Other than those elites, Grunts can be easily killed just by their Plasma Pistols.

This whole process will most probably go on for like 10 minutes in order to complete the achievement, it will also depend upon the skills and multipliers that you are using but don’t stress too much as it not a very challenging one and you will complete it with ease.

This is all that you need to know about the One Final Firefight Achievement from Halo The Master Chief Collection.

You are not expected to survive this mission at all since its part of the game’s epilogue so just make sure your score is above 150,000 and then you can embrace your fate to earn the achievement.

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