Halo Reach Nightfall Legendary Guide

Nightfall is the fourth mission in Halo Reach, and it has a bug. This is, in fact, a blessing in disguise as it allows you to complete the mission rather quickly. In this guide, we will be discussing the complete walkthrough of mission 4 Nightfall in Halo Reach MCC on Legendary.

Halo Reach Nightfall Legendary

Having the perfect loadout for the Nightfall mission in Halo Reach is important for acing this mission. For that, you need to make sure you have Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Matériel, an M6G Pistol, and 2 M9 Grenades equipped before you begin with the mission.

Let’s Begin

In case you haven’t done the assassination for That’s a Knife achievement, take note that the first enemy in this mission will be facing the other way so you can take him out.

However, the Elite Ultra will not be the only enemy in the vicinity. However, the remaining enemies will be taken care of by Jun. While you’re at it, look around for an Active Camouflage. This will help you take out the Elite Ultra soldier.

Moving In

Stay in your position, and use the sniper to take out the Elite forces on the roof. You won’t be able to kill all of them, and you’ll soon find them coming your way.

This is where your pistol and melee weapon will come in handy. Also, Jun will be clearing out the enemies with you all along. Make a judgment call and if you feel like Jun is keeping the enemies occupied, make an escape.

Once the path has been cleared, enter the building. Once you’re inside, try playing stealth rather than playing on the offense. Your Active Camouflage will keep you covered.

Take out as many elites as you can by sneaking up behind them, and the rest would be taken care of by Jun.

If the Elite Major is still alive, use your sniper to stagger him and then use the melee weapon to finish him off. You’ll not be able to defeat him from a distance, given his shield.

As you make your way upstairs, look out for a turret. This Turret can be destroyed by your sniper. There’ll also be a few more Elite Majors along the way. But now you know how to defeat them.

If you’ve managed to put down Elite Majors, all the Jackals and Grunts that you face along the way could be easily taken out using your pistol. Try not to waste your precious sniper ammo on them.

Before you head out, remove the Turret from its roots!

Facing Guta

when you come across these giant beings, you’ll realize they’re already attacking the enemy forces. Let them take care of that battle. However, you’ll have to take them out, too, once they’re done. This can be easily done using a Plasma Battery, but only if you aim for their head.

Later, you’ll come across another battle. When you do, bring out your sniper again and start taking out the elites.

Reloading your Ammo

There’ll be three dropships in this area that’ll drop Jackals, Grunts, and Ultras. However, there’s plenty of ammo here that’ll help you kill the maximum number of enemies.

If you cannot save the civilians in this region, don’t worry about it, as they cannot be saved while playing the game in Legendary difficulty.

Keep defeating the enemies as they drop and make your way towards the bridge. Let Jun lead the way.

Along the Riverbed

Jun will eventually lead you to a riverbed. While you travel along the riverbed, try not to get spotted by the enemy. This region can only be cleared if you stay undercover.

Eventually, one of the Elites is going to notice you, but you’ll still have to stay undercover and deal with the rest of the enemies.

Once all the Grunts and Jackals are cleared out, you need to divert your attention towards the Elite. If you have plenty of ammo in your DMR, then taking out the Elite won’t be a problem. Else, you’ll need a shotgun.

To get the shotgun, you’ll have to move upstairs. But getting close to the enemy with a shotgun is a suicide mission. Therefore, stun him with a grenade at first and then close in on him.

Once this Elite is defeated, there’ll be several more on the buildings nearby. They need to be killed as well since they’re equipped with Plasma and Rocket launchers. You’ll need these weapons for the later enemies.

Once you have the launchers, find their ammo in the water below. Next, wait for the Phantoms to show up and drop the next set of enemies.

Take care of the Hunters with the rocket launcher before diverting your attention towards the Elites.

Fighting the Shades

Lastly, you’ll find yourself up against the Shades when the fence opens. This is where the Plasma Launcher comes in handy.

Once this threat has been neutralized, head back, and you’ll find a sniper. Swap it with your Plasma Launcher.

Use this sniper to kill the remaining enemies. However, stay away from the Shades when you have the sniper. There’ll be plenty of other rifles lying around, which you can opt for when you’re low on the ammo.


You need to master your stealth to take on the Nightfall mission in Halo Reach with ease. You can complete this mission without firing a single bullet.

Most of the enemies that you’ll face will have their shields up, and it’s not easy to penetrate their shields. Therefore, attack them to weaken their shields, but also look out for opportunities where you can take a headshot.

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