Halo Reach Long Night of Solace Legendary Guide

Doing a Legendary run of Halo Reach’s various missions can be a fairly tough challenge, and Long Night of Solace is certainly no exception. In this Halo Reach Long Night of Solace Legendary Guide, we’ll be showing you how to complete the mission along with a few tips for achieving an optimal score.

Halo Reach Long Night of Solace

Halo Reach Long Night of Solace has you jumping through several hoops, and difficult ones at that, putting Master Chief’s abilities to the test. You’re going to need think with more than just your guns.

The mission starts after you complete the mission Tip of the Spear.

This Is A Really Bad Plan

Take out all the Elite Ultras, Unggoy and Elite Majors on the beach. Use grenades to break up the Jackal Majors after reaching the launch facility. Then you can kill them all easily. You can make your way into the facility now.

Be careful of the Elite Majors swinging the soldier around. You can take him out with an assault rifle and a melee attack. There are many items present here now that you can pick up.

You can pick up the Drop Shield, a M392 Designated Marksman Rifle, a Rocket Launcher that you might have used to kill the wraith, and an Energy Sword. Now it is time for you to leave by taking a Sabre along with a Jorge-052.

Operation: UPPER CUT

You should become familiar with the controls while flying your Sabre, it’s all fairly easy to adapt, so don’t worry about it. Join your squad after getting to the waypoint icon.

You will come across some Space Banshees now. Your cannons will help you take them out. To minimize damage to your shields, try to dodge as many attacks as possible.

You will also have to deal with a squadron of Seraph Starfighters. Your cannons will help you get through their shields and then you can use your missiles to take them out completely.

There will be some Phantoms assaulting the station at some point, take them out with missiles as well. Now you can land your Sabre.

Destroy the engines of the Corvette with you squad and then take out all the enemies in the area. Keep in mind that you cannot destroy the escape pods that come out of the Corvette so don’t bother shooting at them.

The Seraphs are aggressive fighters so you will have to dodge a lot to save yourself from their attacks. Now you have to land on the carrier and get ready for some serious work.

And the Horse You Flew In On

Take out the two Elite Rangers that appear after you exit your space fighter. You will have to kill six more of them. Start moving forward on the walkway and head inside the ship, keep right and get to the bottom.

From there, head into the door on the right and hide behind the Weapons holder there.

Your DMR will help you take out the Rangers here. Headshots will do the trick more quickly. Don’t get surrounded by Rangers because they will kill you very quickly.

Staying on the upper beam will help you recover your health by jumping downward. But there is a big con to this as well because you get more vulnerable to hits from more directions.

Get away from the door after being done with this area, throw a grenade at it when it opens and keep firing your plasma rifle at it.

Now you need to head down the hallway to the upper ring. You will find some Needle Rifles in the weapons case above the door. Exchange your DMR with a Needle Rifle.

Now you need to get to the center. Take out the grunts and the Elite Rangers on the raised platform. Then take out the Engineer and deactivate the shield. This will let the Pelican get in.

Take out the enemies in the ship. Cross the bridge as stealthily as you can. Get to the small barrier and then move along the wall to the inner bridge. Get an energy sword from the case near the globe.

Move back to the barrier. Assassinate the lone grunt ultra in the pit. Keep left and assassinate the Elite General with your energy sword as well. After that you will have to take out the Cloaked Spec-Ops and then the Corvette will be yours.

Go back to the door, take out the enemies and then turn to the hall. Take out the Ultras and Grunt Ultras and head to the large hangar. The Pelican will be on your right, the door you entered through will be on your back. Take out the Jackals, Majors and Snipers on the ground level.

After you take them out, there will be another group of Grunts and an Elite Major. After you have taken out all the enemies, head to the pelican and pick up the sniper. Take out everyone in sight. Then head to the hallway and take the enemies across the bay. Jorge will be helping you out.

This will be the final fight and after you have completed it, the mission will be over. You will find the Catch, Iron, and Thunderstorm skulls during this mission.

Long Night of Solace Legendary Tips

Now let’s take a look at some tips that will help you complete the mission with proficiency.

  • You need to use acrobatics in space especially if you are playing at legendary level. The enemy’s lock can only be broken by the use of acrobatics.
  • Do not get close to the Corvette Batteries. It’s dangerous.
  • Covenant weapons work better against Elite Shielding. However, they deplete more quickly. So, keep swapping.
  • Let Jorge carry the final fight instead of putting yourself at risk directly.
  • Stealth is your best friend, especially on the bridge. Take the enemies out silently and simply walk out of here.
  • Keep checking your motion tracker to check for grunts.
  • There are some good skulls here such as Catch, Iron, and Thunderstorm.
  • Get an energy sword before going into orbit

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