Halo Reach Legendary Difficulty Tips

Legendary difficulty is unforgiving in Halo Reach. We have the tips and tricks help you get through it.

Halo franchise had released many games in their series prior to Halo Reach, but what makes Reach different from the others, is the gameplay. The gameplay is much harder as compared to its previous games. Your opponents don’t play around as they are more aggressive and smarter in Reach. They mean business! In this guide, we have given some Halo Reach Legendary Difficulty Tips that can help you defeat your opponents, especially now that Halo Reach is out on PC.

Halo Reach Legendary Difficulty Tips

Your main adversaries in Halo Reach MCC are Jackals and Grunts and your main aim should be killing them and getting to the Elites.

Be sure to aim directly at the head when killing them. Also, Magnum, DMR and grenades are the main sources of destruction in Reach.

Once you’ve dealt with the pack, your last task is to isolate the Elites.

Secondary Weapons
In Halo Reach, there are going to be times when you won’t have possession of any lethal weapons such as the Magnum, Plasma Pistol, Needle Rifle, or DMR.

In cases like these, you’ll have to adjust in the situation and use other weapons such as Shotgun; for close range, and Plasma Rifle/Repeater for Long-range.


Be sure to drop the assault rifle weapon on Legendary since they are of no use.

How to defeat Hunters, Brutes, and Elite Leaders
The Legendary difficulty mode is not as easy as you assume it.

You’ll have to deal with Hunters, Brutes and Elite leaders who can easily over-power you. In order to defeat these adversaries, you must have a strategy.

Provoke the Hunters to charge at you. Once they’re inches away from you, dodge by sidestepping them.

Keep shooting at their head and melee whenever possible. This way you’ll over-power the Hunters and they’ll be as good as dead.

Use the same strategy against the Brutes; provoke them and sidestep at the right moment and once you have the chance, fill their head with bullets.

The best weapons used against Brutes are Shotguns, Magnum and DMR. Just watch out for their jumps, they can cover a very long distance in seconds.

As for Elites, use all the Plasma you have. These Elites are tricky as they have possession of a shield for countering your moves. However, a Plasma pistol can easily take them down.

Use Cover and Regenerate
When you’re out in the open, you can quickly become the target of kill shots. Therefore, the best trick in order to survive is to cover and protect yourself.

Keep an eye on the Covenant and hide in a place that saves you from your sides.

If you’re spotted in your hidden position, don’t panic and run away from your hideout.

Simply throw grenades at the adversary which allows you to regenerate and prepare for combat.

Use Armors
When in a fight, you must have an Armor on, which receives minimum damage from shots. Armors such as Bubble Shield, Armor Lock and Hologram can really help you while playing in Legendary difficulty.

The Bubble Shield is a 360-degree armor that recovers your health and backs you up on Legendary difficulty. It vanishes afterwards so don’t use it too much.

Armor Lock is not as complicated as many players say it to be. You can only use this Armor when you have assistance by your teammates.

It gives you time to throw grenades at the adversary while your teammates are causing distraction. Don’t use it one-on-one against any opponent.

Hologram can be used to prevent the adversary from shooting as much as it wants. This armor spares you some time to give some headshots so, used it wisely.

Take Some Time Off
Many players are frustrated and are tired of running into their opponents and still not succeeding when playing Halo Reach legendary difficulty due to the challenge it offers.

All you have to do in this situation is to take some time off and rest for a moment and once you get your head back in the game, you defeat the foes.

On Legendary, probably the easiest way to kill an adversary is to assassinate them. Assassination is satisfying and can really help you in the battle.

The opponent won’t even see you coming and you’ll reach the leader and kill him before anyone even notices.

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