Halo Reach Exodus Legendary Guide

Exodus is the 7th campaign mission in Reach, newly available to PC users as part of the first game to be released from Master Chief Collection on Steam and Windows Store. In this guide, we have the complete Halo Reach Exodus Walkthrough for you on legendary difficulty.

Halo Reach Exodus

After completing the mission Long Night of Solace, move to the start and run straight ahead and through the opening and closing door with the yellowish light behind it.

At the far end of this lower level, pass through the room and enter the outdoor area and try to headshot the enemies at the top of the steps. Pick up one of Plasma Pistols but also keep your Magnum.

Enter the doorway just ahead on your left from the top of the stairs. Around the next few corners in the darkened areas suicide Grunts with active grenades will rush attack you.

Headshot with the Magnum or rapid-fire with the plasma pistol to deal with them. Do not get too close to them as grenades can detonate even on their corpses. Finish off all the Grunts and move ahead.

Now exit through the green-lit door here back to the outer walkways. Wait inside the door until the dropship departs or its turret will blast you. Move left hugging the left wall to the stairs going up.

Kill the brutes with the pistol, or fire short bursts with the Needler as the Supercombine kills. After making work of the brutes, go up the set of stairs and swap out the Needler for a Sniper Rifle.

Looking out over the wall where the sniper was leaning, jump over and go straight ahead and up the next wall to go past any remaining enemies in this area without contact.

At the end of this elevated area, go down the stairs to the right and into the door on your left. It will be a large multilevel hallway that resembles a train station platform. A group of Covenant has the upper ground under control.

Take out as many of the foes as you can with the Magnum and use the Sniper to deal with the Brutes at long range. Clear the area and activate the elevator switch at the waypoint on the far end.

Facing back down into this area with the elevator at your back, there is a door on your left that exits out into a courtyard.

Too Close to the Sun

Once the elevator switch is activated, Phantom dropships will bring in Covenant reinforcements to rush the courtyard. Move out there and take cover behind the pillar.

Snipe the Skirmishers that approach on the upper walkway at the top of the stairs with the DMR and use the Needler to deal with the Brutes attacking your allies below.

Once the area is clear board the elevator and ride it down to the next segment. You’ll exit out onto a catwalk exterior area with some Marines fighting by the door.

After clearing out the area, Ride the elevator up to where you need to jetpack across to continue with Halo Reach Exodus mission.

Stock up on DMR ammo before you leave. On your approach you will have two choices: you can either jetpack to the open area on the right or the area with a roof over your head on the left.

Combat is more intense on the right but far riskier especially from the plasma grenades. The left side is much safer but will take more time.

I Should have Become a Watchmaker

When you land you should see a wall that goes around to the right with pillars along the right edge of this path. Follow the walkway around the curve to the right to reach a dark door that will open as you approach.

It will be a multi-level room with a group of covenants on the floor beneath you. Fire a rocket down into the center to eliminate them.

Now turn right to get outside the room. There will be more Phantom reinforcements that you will have to go through in order to proceed.

A shielded Brute with a Fuel Rod will show up near the end and will guard the exterior ledge where the Shade Turrets are.

Use the DMR to weaken him and then headshot him to finish him. Now,  take up a turret on the evac ship and blast a few rooftop enemies during the escape flight.

You will land on a beach. Hop off the Pelican and head up the path toward the vehicles. Drive across the water to the left to the hill. Hop off the Mongoose at the rear of the hill and jetpack up onto the platform to activate the missile battery.

Behind the platform, you will face a Wraith. Clear off the enemies to access the Wraith. You won’t be able to hack the Wraith so steal it.

Quickly turn and face the far side of the bridge and take out the 2nd Wraith with your mortar bombs as it approaches over that hill. Fire the platform 2nd missile to clear the enemies at the bridge and then return to the wraith.

Once both batteries are activated, you can head back to the far end of the area where you first arrive and rush up the side of the building using your Jetpack to skip past the enemies on the different levels of the building.

If you can successfully rush past them and reach the waypoint you can end the mission more quickly.

This will be the completion of the mission. You will unlock Into the Howling Dark achievement.

Exodus Par Score

If you happen to complete the Exodus mission in accordance with the Par Score, you will unlock the achievement, “Parting the Sea”.

  • Par Time: 20 Minutes
  • Par Score: 30,000
  • Difficulty: Heroic

With all of that in mind, you need to finish the mission with a good score. Note that, compared to many other levels, players have found it relatively difficult to beat Exodus’ Par Score.

We recommend you start off by running as soon as you get into the mission, shoot past the suicidal grunts and stick the brutes in the level with grenades and finish them off with melee hits if need be.

Pick up the jetpack and quickly skip as many parts of the mission as you can. In the final section, simply grab the mongoose and drive to the first signal in order to activate it.

Jump down from the mongoose after previously jetpacking up, and after getting the checkpoint drive to the second and third signal.

Finish the mission, and if you fail, then simply try again! The strategy above should significantly help you in beating Exodus within the Par Time and achieving the Par Score.

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