Halo Reach Coming to Xbox One; NXOE Launches Nov. 12

We have a double dose of good news for you; firstly, Microsoft has finally confirmed that the New Xbox One Experience i.e. the new dashboard is going to be launched on November 12.

Fans who are not in the preview program of the new features should rejoice.

According to Larry Hryb, the Director of Programming for Xbox Live took to his official Twitter with the announcement that Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox division at Microsoft had confirmed a launch date:

Xbox fans mark your calendars: Phil Spencer just revealed new Xbox One experience & back compat start launching Nov. 12 for all Xbox One owners.

That is not all, apart from the NXOE update confirmation which came intentionally, it looks like an unintentional confirmation has also been made by the officials. It looks like Halo Reach is also being released through the Backwards Compatibility program.

Being one of the most high-in-demand game from the Xbox 360 era, Halo Reach is probably going to be an outright success if and when it releases on Xbox One. The inadvertent confirmation for the title came when it was shown as backwards compatible on the official Xbox website.

So tell us, what are you more excited about? The NXOE launch or the Halo Reach launch on Xbox One?

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