Halo Reach Best Weapons Guide

In this guide, we’re going to go over all the best guns available to you in Halo Reach MCC. There’s a large assortment of guns to sift through so let’s get right to it – this is our guide to Halo Reach Best Weapons.

Halo Reach Best Weapons

The list does not go in any discernible order, it merely lists down all the best guns in the game; take it however you want, if you prefer one gun over another, then don’t hesitate to pick that one when engaging in combat. Without further ado:


A powerful weapon that may not seem like the best choice right off the bat. It fires one bullet at a time, meaning the fire rate isn’t exactly top-notch.

However, the hair-trigger is short enough that a competent player can get multiple shots off if they’re quick enough with the trigger.

However, along with the low fire rate comes greater accuracy. Your shots are more likely to hit, and if you take the time to go for a headshot, you’re likely to score it and kill your enemies instantly.

It packs enough of a punch to do considerable damage even if you don’t get a headshot. Accuracy and high damage, what more could you want from your gun?

M90 CAWS Shotgun

This may seem like an odd choice as it has little range and even less accuracy. However, what makes this weapon so desirable is the fact that it is absolutely devastating in close range.

If you were to augment yourself with cloaking or sprint abilities, with this weapon in tow you’d be a force to reckon with.

Getting near an enemy can prove to be a hassle, but in a firefight between this and any other weapon, the Shotgun is likely to win.

M319 Grenade Launcher

Another weapon that was introduced in Reach, this one packs quite the wallop. Sadly, this one can’t be recommended for the campaign, but it’s the perfect choice for multiplayer matches. This weapon fires standard frag grenades but with certain catches.

If you fire regularly, then the frag will bounce around before detonating, however by holding down the fire button, you essentially create a mine; the frag will not detonate until you release the trigger, and this can be quite useful if you plant the frag at spawn points.

Tactical use of this weapon can make it the most useful in the game.

M41 Rocket Launcher

A returning Halo MCC favorite weapon, and for good reason. This vastly improved version has tracking rockets, faster and more powerful in every regard.

It doesn’t stop there, the splash damage has been significantly increased, so you’re likely to kill more enemies per shot than ever before!

There are problems, for one you can only carry 4 rockets and the laborious reload time can be quite the hassle, especially during combat. Despite that, it’s powerful enough to ameliorate any flaws the weapon may have.

Spartan Laser

The awesome power of the Spartan Laser is balanced by its three-second charge time. Sitting on the trigger and keeping on a bead on your target is tough when you are tracing fast vehicles — and the Spartan Laser is the best weapon to wield against a vehicle.

Many players keep a charge by constantly manning the trigger.

Best if you have a good hiding spot or a large gap between you and your prey, the Spartan Laser’s pinpoint pulse of death can be widened a bit by turning away just as you fire.

M437 ICWS Assault Rifle

The newly introduced Assault Rifle is the kind of gun you’ll always want around.

If treated properly, this weapon can be your best friend on the battlefield. It can be altered to have a burst mode or to have an automatic mode that lets you fire continuously.

Either way, you need to be privy to the fact that the weapon isn’t exactly the most powerful, however its true strength lies in its high accuracy – something that is of utmost importance in the battlefield.

Burst or fire mode, you will likely hit your target every time, and that can mean a lot more than doing greater damage per shot.

Plasma Grenade

The sticky Plasma Grenade is one of the best explosives in Halo. Not only is it satisfying to perfectly land a sticky plasma grenade on an enemy or a moving vehicle, but it also deals a significant amount of damage once it explodes.

In addition, the sticking ability of a plasma grenade on players or vehicles makes it worth a special spot on your belt.

Sniper Rifle

The sniper rifle is amongst the best weapon choices for Halo multiplayer matches. This weapon is also among the deadliest weapons as it deals with a tremendous amount of damage.

You can use this weapon for one-shot kills and headshots, which can genuinely be a game-changer on the battlefield. The only downfall of this weapon is that it is unnecessarily loud and leaves behind a noticeable trail when used.

As a result, your foes will quickly locate you in tense situations that will bring about major inconveniences for you. However, this still doesn’t limit the weapon’s usefulness and gives you the same promising experience in almost all of the Halo series.

Gravity Hammer

The Gravity Hammer is among fan favorites for its ability to hit and kill multiple aliens or players at one time. In addition, its one-hit kill ability makes it one of the best melee weapons.

This weapon is especially useful in the climactic battle towards the end, where you confront the brute chieftains.

Fuel Rod Cannon

The Fuel Rod Cannon is amongst the best covenant weapons for its one-shot abilities. In addition, its rapid-fire radius damage makes it an exceptional weapon to inflict a great deal of damage on your enemies.

Heavy Machine Gun

This weapon deserves a spot on this list for its infinite ammo in turret mode. It also consists of a c4 ammo which can tear apart people when running on automatic mode.

Target Locator

This weapon has more ammo than a Rocket Launcher/ grenade launcer and it causes much more damage than other explosives. This weapon gives you an immense amount of power on the battlefield and is definitely worth using.

Covenant Weapons

Following are the covenant weapons featured in Halo Reach.

Plasma Pistol

The Plasma Pistol is a great set-up weapon for depleting an enemy’s shield. This weapon is incredibly useful in Halo 2 and beyond, where the ability to stall vehicles and overcharged shots is added.

The plasma pistol doesn’t help a lot when it comes to killing the enemies, but it still deserves a spot in a player’s weapon collection.

Plasma Repeater

Another exceptional plasma weapon on the list is Plasma Repeater. This weapon can shred apart your enemies. This rifle is listed under some of the most underrated rifles in the series. Additionally, this rifle can be heated to tweak up its accuracy, making It worth your shot.

Focus Rifle

Another gun that was introduced in Halo Reach. This weapon features high accuracy (similar to that of a sniper rifle), the absolute power of a laser beam, and has the added bonus of doing stun damage to any enemy in the vicinity of its shot.

The more you focus on an enemy with this rifle, the more damage you’ll ultimately do.

It may not prove itself to be the best weapon on harder difficulties, but proper use of the Focus Rifle can result in victory after victory.

Needle Rifle

One of the newest guns introduced in Halo Reach, the Needle Rifle has a large magazine, a high fire rate, and is, for all intents and purposes, a Needler.

Firing 3 shots into an enemy will cause them to burst and absolutely annihilate your enemies.

Because of this, there’s no need for you to go for headshots, the Needle Rifle has enough power to kill enemies even if you hit them in the torso.

The one downside, however, is the number of shots needed to rid your enemies of their shields; 6 shots in total to get the job done, but once it’s gone, you’ll have no trouble disposing of them.


Like the Plasma Grenade, the Needler is also among some of the most entertaining weapons in Halo. This weapon launches a stream of pink crystals, which explode when they contact a surface.

Though the practicality of this weapon has varied drastically from Halo 2 to Halo 4, it still is a fun weapon to have on stand-by to instill some fear in your enemies.

Energy Sword

One of the signature Halo MCC weapons, if you ever find yourself engaging in close-quarters combat and need to kill an enemy stealthily, there’s no weapon more reliable than the classic Energy Sword.

As stated, it’s best for stealth kills only, it may not prove to be the best weapon if your enemy is aware of your presence. Its swiftness in dispatching enemies is what makes this such a desirable weapon; you’ll want those insta-kills in the campaign, especially on harder difficulties.

Plasma Launcher

Our final entry on the list is the Plasma Launcher.

Another weapon introduced in this game, this weapon can be used to fire 4 plasma sticky grenades in quick succession; or hold down the trigger and release it after all four grenade icons light up on the weapon’s HUD to nail some poor enemy or vehicle with your entire payload at once.

This weapon can be a bit slow to use in Halo MCC but definitely packs a strong enough punch to be a viable choice when moving forward.

Most Powerful Weapon

The Halo 1 Pistol remains the most powerful and the best weapon out of the entire Halo series. This weapon is quite similar to the assault rifle, battle rifle, and DMR. This gun is potent and is unique because of how versatile it is.

You can utilize this weapon in almost all battles, whether these battles are close range or long range.

Best Halo Reach Multiplayer Guns

When it comes to the best weapons in Halo: Reach Multiplayers, the following weapons are worth mentioning.

  • DMR
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Sniper Rifle

Best Weapon Combinations for Multiplayer

Some of the best weapon combinations for Halo: Reach Multiplayer consist of the following:

Plasma Pistol and DMR

Plasma Pistol, along with DMR, is helpful to deplete the enemy’s shield at a fast rate, and then through the DMR you can kill the unshielded enemy with just one shot.

Shotgun and Sniper Rifle

The Shotgun, along with Sniper Rifle, is also worth using as a combo. For example, you may use the Sniper Rifle at a medium to long range and then switch to the Shotgun when enemies are in a closer vicinity.

Shotgun and DMR

Another combination that is worth using is Shotgun+DMR which is the same as Shotgun+Sniper Rifle. This pairing is helpful for midrange combats.

Grenader Launcher and DMR

The Grenade Launcher is a powerful weapon, but it is also impractical on certain occasions, switch it up with a DMR on those instances.

Sniper Rifle and DMR

You may use a Sniper Rifle to deplete an enemy’s shield and then use a DMR to kill them, just like the Plasma Pistol+DMR combo.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that DMR is just as good when used alone, so you may use it without pairing it with any other weapon as well.

Best Weapons for Legendary Runs

In Legendary, your priority targets feature Jackals and Grunts. To proceed, you will have first to kill them, and only then can you expose and isolate the Elites. The best tip for you would be to target their heads and use your grenades.

For these purposes, the best weapons are DMR and Magnum. When targeting the Elites, the best weapon would be Plasma Pistol which will help you shatter their shields and finish them.

While on Legendary, you need to watch out for Hunter attacks which can instantly kill you. Learning Hunter’s dance is essential for you at this point.

Get close to the hunter and then jump on the side in a way that his back is exposed to you. You may then proceed and start hitting the orange spot at his back using a sniper and a few rockets to finish him off.

You can similarly tackle Hammer-wielding Brutes by using DMR or Magnum. Lastly, the Elite Generals and Zealots can quickly be dealt with by using Plasma weapons. So save your nasty and sticky weapons for these bad boys.

Weapon Tier List

The following weapons from Halo Series are listed in the order from best to worst for your convenience.

  • Sniper Rifle
  • Energy Sword
  • Shotgun
  • Gravity Hammer
  • DMR
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Fuel Rod Cannon
  • Needler
  • Focus Rifle

here you have it, our picks for the best weapons/guns in Halo: Reach. Make sure to test them all out.