Halo Master Chief Collection: Halo 2 Terminals Locations Guide

It’s time to find Terminals again, and this time around we’re doing it in Halo 2 the re-mastered edition that comes in the Master Chief Collection.

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Halo Master Chief Collection: Halo 2 Terminals Locations

Terminals grant you access to certain backstory snippets that give you additional knowledge of the plot. In addition to that, they also have individual Achievements associated with them, along with an additional achievement if you manage to find them all.

Below are the location of all 10 terminals in Halo 2.

Cairo Station
Terminal Location: In the station, you’ll go through a narrow hallway with two Elites behind a closed door, during the second objective of the level. After dispatching them, head upstairs behind the door and turn right. You should spot the terminal in the room.

Terminal Location: Near the end of the mission, you’ll probably be on a Warthog near the beach, where you will have to reenter the tunnel. Before entering it, there is one bunker in the middle before the reentrance to the tunnel. Head inside and you should find the terminal in there.

Terminal Location: In Metropolis, after taking out the three wraiths, you can regroup with marines inside the building. Look behind the crates to find the red terminal on the wall.

The Arbiter
Terminal Location: While in the room with the blue glowing conveyor belts with transport fusion coils, check for a ramp before exiting that leads to the upper part of the room, where the terminal can be accessed.

The Oracle
Terminal Location: After leaving the hive-infested elevator, smash the glass to enter a room with two platforms. There is a terminal behind the wall at the back.

Delta Halo
Terminal Location: The terminal in Delta Halo is located in the same room where Cortana will ask you to extend the bridge, left of the Prophet hologram.

Terminal Location: You’ll come across a room with a large hologram of a Prophet. Check the wall behind him to find the terminal.

Sacred Icon
Terminal Location: During the third objective of the Sacred Icon, you’ll drop down several fusion cores and through a hole that has a divider that splits it. Drop down further where the skybox is in the distance, and you can find the terminal behind a wall to the right.

Quarantine Zone
Terminal Location: During the first objective of the Quarantine Zone mission, you’ll enter a room with a large robot that appears to have a blue forcefield in front of it. Head past underneath the robot to the far end of the room and you should spot the blue glowing terminal.

Terminal Location: When you get outside into the open area for the first time in this mission, drop down and follow the path till you reach a building on your right. Go past this building and jump on the elevated region with multiple purple pods. You should be able to spot the purple terminal next to three pods.

Terminal Location: When you take a ghost down a large river stream, jump off when you reach the bridge and go up on the right. Kill the enemies, then head behind the large pillars – one of them has a blue terminal behind it.

High Charity
Terminal Location: During the third objective of the mission, you’ll take an elevator and eventually lead up to a room with a sword on an altar in the center. Check the walls of this room to find the terminal.

The Great Journey
Terminal Location: The final terminal is found in the area with the prison cells. The top-middle cell on the right side has this terminal. You’ll need to shoot down the shield in order to access it.

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