Halo Master Chief Collection: Halo 2 Halo Toys Locations Guide

So you want to hug a stuffed toy while you sleep? Well, if you’re a Halo enthusiast, then teddy bears won’t cut it, so how about some stuffed Master Chief, stuffed Cortana, and stuffed Harbinger toys to cuddle with?

I can already sense the smile on your face at the thought of that. For more help on Halo: The Master Chief Collection, read our Halo 2 Legendary Skulls, Halo CE Skulls and Halo CE Terminals Locations.

Halo Master Chief Collection: Halo 2 Halo Toys Locations

Stuffed Toys are a new collectible in the Re-Mastered edition of Halo 2. There are a total of 8 toys in the game, each one with an Achievement associated with it. However, most of them are extremely difficult to find and require some brave exploration and journeying.

For this reason, to simplify things you’ll need to utilize the older graphics (which we’ll shamelessly refer to as ‘crappy graphics’ in this guide) to work your way around some of the most unconventional regions in the game.

However, do note that when you reach the location of these toys, they won’t appear in older graphics, and you’ll need to turn on Re-Mastered graphics to make them visible.

Halo Toy Location: In Quarantine Zone, once you are deep into the mission where you are on a moving platform while the flood is after you, head half-way down the stairs after the platform comes to a stop, then perform a grenade jump onto the inclined wall just above. Climb up and pick up the toy.

Master Chief
Halo Toy Location: During the Delta Halo mission, you’ll come across a couple of Ghosts near the second massive structure you come across near a waterfall. Steal the ghost and backtrack with it up over the hill.

You’ll need to crappy older graphics to make getting this toy easy, so switch to that and the look across the ledge while mounted on your ghost. There is a tall tower with three beams emitting skywards from it.

Just before that towards the foreground is a plateau kind of a thing that overlooks the waters. This is where you need to reach. You’re going to need to maintain the crappy old graphics for this to make life easier for yourself, as you’ll be having to go over the mountain on the left.

Yes, you’ll be gliding over that mountain with your Ghost. Do this by using boost frequently. Continue on this slope, staying as high as you can be making sure you are going forward. Avoid the jagged edges as you can go tumbling down.

Once you reach the area where the plateau sort of extends, go all the way to the end while still on crappy graphics. Get off your Ghost, then switch to remastered graphics, and you should spot the toy on the ground. Phew!

Halo Toy Location: During the Gravemind level, the first time you get out to the open areas, kill the enemy and jump down. Head up and turn around when you spot the purple container.

The arched structure above the path you came is where you need to go. This can be done without grenade jumps – simply climb on top of the rock next to you, then jump on top of the arched structure.

Once on that structure, look left and jump up on the rocky cliff. Keep going up high till you spot the wall with lights. Follow this wall to the right all the way till the end to get the Cortana toy.

It is recommended to use the older graphics here. Follow along the canyon to the right and drop down to a narrow ledge and follow it till the end, where an enemy will be waiting.

Grenade jump on the enemy after killing it to reach the hill above, then follow the mission path and you’ll come across another ledge that you can drop down on and follow it all the way till the end to find the toy.

The Prophet
Halo Toy Location: In the Regret level, right at the start of the mission when you head outside, turn to the right and notice the destroyed bridge that prevents you from going to the large structure on the other side.

Or does it? It’s time to do a grenade jump. It’s highly recommended to have the Sputnik Skull for this to make the jump stronger.

Toss a grenade and perform the jump, then perform additional grenade jumps to get to the main platform, where an enemy will be waiting for you on the left. Kill him, then go right and see the upper floor.

You’ll need to perform yet another grenade jump up to the platform, then circle to the right with remastered graphics to find the Prophet toy.

Halo Toy Location: During the Uprising level, once you re-emerge in the open area outside, turn left and backwards till you come across some weird purple pods with a few Brutes near them. You want to jump on the rocks on the right of these pods and jump up to the area with the tree.

Jump on the rock to the left of the three, then perform a grenade jump from that rock all the way up to the grey canyon.

Halo Toy Location: In the Sacred Icon level, you’ll come across a path with triangular doorways linked with some kind of green plasma on their tip. Follow this green thing to the next area, then head left, and perform a grenade jump up to the second floor.

Head to the right, then head inside the last nook and inside the dark opening on the wall. The toy will be hidden in the darkness.

Crazy Cortana
Halo Toy Location: In High Charity, you’ll come across a cave area with rocks inside it and a building in the center. Circle the building and head underneath the bridge, then move forward and climb up the rocks in the darkness, jumping off the box. Head up the arched rock to the tip, and you’ll find the toy.

Halo Toy Location: This one isn’t that difficult, but it is extremely time consuming as you’ll need to go through the entire The Great Journey mission.

At the start, it is extremely important that you grab one of the Specters and hide it safely somewhere nearby, as you’ll need to go in the far distance once you have progressed and completed the entire mission.

Park the Specter somewhere safe, then progress through the mission until a cutscene plays after which you will be given a Banshee. When you have this Banshee, fly all the way back to the very start of the mission and beyond where you started.

To the right of that large pyramid shaped building is a hill, but unfortunately you can’t use the Banshee to get there because there is an invisible wall. In order to get to it, you will need that same Specter which you safely parked somewhere.

Mount on it, then ease it down (don’t take a leap of faith with it as it’ll get destroyed!) to the area where you need to go for the toy. Head into the water and then go up the slope of the cliff.

Cruise straight, then slide around the mountain from the front. This can be a bit tricky, but just be careful and take your time with it, while constantly using your boost whenever it is needed.

Once you are near the large pyramid building, start heading up the mountain, then go behind the building to find another steep hill. The toy is right at the top of that hill.

You might not believe it, but your Specter can climb the ridiculously steep walls of the hill, so do that, and when you are on the top, you will find yet another peak to climb. Climb it, and switch to remastered graphics if you haven’t already.

The Didact toy is laying on this peak.

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