Halo Master Chief Collection: Halo 2 BLAST Soda Cans Locations Guide

It’s time to shoot some Soda Cans! Yup, that’s one of the multiplayer associated achievements in Halo 2 Master Chief Collection, with a single BLAST Soda Can cleverly hidden away in each of the six reworked maps.

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Halo MCC: Halo 2 BLAST Soda Cans Locations

BLAST Soda Cans are extremely difficult to spot, and most of them will require a sniper rifle, so be sure you’re wearing your spectacles (if needed) and your scope has at least one bullet (2 if you have a bad aim).

Each Soda Can has an Achievement associated with it, and finding (and shooting) all six will unlock the BLASTacular Achievement. Here are the locations:

Go towards the blue base, and just while heading to the blue base position yourself in between two rocks just left to the base. Now look to the right of the base into the canyons, zooming in with the sniper rifle.

There is a small gap just behind a couple of trees that has the can resting on a platform. It is hard to spot so keep your eyes peeled.

Head to the top of the blue lift and notice the large glacier on top with the massive vertical crack right in the center. Aim through the scope of your sniper rifle and look in between the crack to spot a can hiding midway, and shoot it.

Head to the base that is flanked by a temple and jump on to the platform with the carbine spawn with the base right in front of it.

The greyish temple is to the left of the base off in the distance (can be hard to spot as it blend with the canyon on which it is located), slightly behind it.

Zoom in through your sniper rifle and look at the tip of the temple to find the last soda can.

Head to the big large base and notice the massive cube container with a blue cloth and two boxes. Jump on that container with the help of the inclined region in front of it.

Look between the two boxes and you should spot the sneaky can.

Head to the yellow base side of the map and hop on to the flag area.

Near the flag area is a doorway to the right, but notice that a corner near the doorway has a subtle tree growing out of it. Check behind the base of this tree to find the soda can cleverly tucked in this ridiculous spot.

Head to the smaller of the two towers where the sniper spawns and jump up on the top of the bluish-green box next to the tower.

Look below and zoom in with your sniper to check the groove in the middle of the large metallic pillar that runs underneath the tower. There is a platform in this groove that has the soda can.

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