Halo: The Master Chief Collection Being Enhanced For Xbox One X, Bugs And Other Issues Will Be Ironed Out With The Help Of Community

Xbox One X is coming next month along with a ton of enhanced titles and obviously, Halo 5 is one of them, however, Microsoft has now confirmed that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will also be enhanced for Xbox One X and not only that, game’s bugs and issues will also be ironed out.

The updates for Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One X will modernize some of the game’s systems. Furthermore, 343 Industries added that the bug fixes for the collection will be tested out with the help of the community and the first wave of testing will start in Spring 2018.

As for Halo 5, the studio has revealed that the Xbox One X update for the game will not only make the game run at 4K but, will also bring new content. The update will bring back Oddball mode which features new medals and voiceovers. For more details on Overtime Update follow this link.

In related news, Halo franchise is among the most popular exclusive franchises for Xbox but, according to FPS control designer at Bungie, Jaime Griesemer, Microsoft hated the name Halo for its mega FPS franchise.

He added that Microsoft had so many reasons to change the name of Halo franchise and months went on for deciding the name for the game.

They said that it doesn’t mean anything, and to people it does mean something to, it’s not on-brand, because what we’re selling is the super soldier, not this weird space junk. In every foreign language it sounds stupid, it’s feminine–they had so many reasons why the name should be changed. They went for months and months, and they came back with a bunch of names. It was another border dispute.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a collection of Halo titles which launched exclusively for Xbox One.

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