Halo Infinite VR May Be Coming As 343 Hires Halo VR Mod Maker

Halo Infinite VR may be on the horizon if anything comes from Halo VR mod creator Nibre joining the staff of 343 Industries.

Several high-profile games over the past few years have created virtual reality segments for fans, and now hints are starting to drop that 343 Industries is no exception. The company recently hired Nibre, who had previously been working on a Halo VR mod, hinting that Halo Infinite VR might be coming soon.

There’s never been a Halo VR game before, though as the game is a first-person shooter it might be one of those kinds of games uniquely suited to it. The fact that Nibre was working on a Halo VR mod is at least proof of concept, if nothing else, though a VR port of Infinite hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Originally, though Nibre was working on what he called ReclaimerVR, a lack of progress on the mod had been stoking fears that the mod was dead. Someone on ResetEra then noticed that Nibre had changed his Twitter bio to read that he was now employed by 343 Industries.

We’ve seen gameplay of both Halo Infinite’s campaign and multiplayer, so the possibility of Halo Infinite VR, if it’s actually coming, could be very realistic, especially considering some games like Star Wars: Squadrons could be played with Playstation VR from the beginning.

343 Industries had also previously hinted in the past that it was working on a new place and way to play Halo as part of the Master Chief Collection. Whether they were hinting towards Halo gaining VR support in the future, however, remains to be seen.

Even if Nibre isn’t going to be making Halo Infinite VR, however, the possibility of other Halo games getting VR support can definitely be a big boost for the industry. Of course, whether Nibre actually is working on any kind of virtual reality for Halo hasn’t been announced yet, so all we can do in the meantime is wait and see. Halo Infinite will release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC in the fourth quarter of this year.

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