Halo Infinite Teaser Confirms The Banished

It was heavily rumored that the Banished were returning to Halo Infinite when a new lineup of toys was leaked a couple of months ago. Those rumors have now been confirmed. The mercenary organization, a splinter group that rebelled against the Covenant Empire, will definitely be appearing in the new installment.

Taking to Twitter just now, 343 Industries dropped a short teaser for Halo Infinite that features a captured broadcast of a member of the Banished. The audio clip contains all sorts of warnings and threats that prepare the game for its expected gameplay reveal during the second round of Xbox Series X announcements.

Suffice to say, whatever 343 Industries will be showcasing to the public next month will involve the Banished somehow. They may even be central to the storyline since the faction has been missing in action for the past decade. The Banished made their debut in Halo Wars 2 as the main protagonists and before that in Halo Reach.

Elsewhere, 343 Industries was spotted recently to be hiring for a new project set in the Halo universe. While no details are available at the time of writing, the mysterious new project could perhaps be a spin-off since working on a follow-up to Halo Infinite right now would be too soon. Both Microsoft and 343 Industries have repeatedly stated that there are a lot of untold stories in the Halo universe. Utilizing the full power of Xbox Series X could potentially help the developer branch out to flex creativity in presenting a new Halo experience.

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