Halo Infinite Will Feature Spartan Griffin From Shadows Of Reach

Spartan Griffin, a character who originally appeared in the Halo: Shadows of Reach novel, will be making an appearance in Halo Infinite.

While appearing on the Fadam and Friends podcast last week, actor Verlon Roberts revealed (via GamesRadar) that he voices and plays Spartan Griffin in Halo Infinite which Microsoft remains to officially announce.

Roberts noted that he has provided a lot of voiceovers and motion-capture work for the upcoming sequel by “standing in a big warehouse covered in dots while wearing spandex.” The actor also confirmed that he has done several scenes for Halo Infinite with the Master Chief actor as well, meaning that Spartan Griffin will be sharing the spotlight with the protagonist of the franchise in the new narrative.

Take note that Spartan Griffin is not the only new character to have been leaked before an official announcement. Halo Infinite is also expected to see the return of the Arbiter who was there in Halo 5 after being absent from Halo 4. In fact, Halo 5 ended on a note to reunite Master Chief with the Arbiter for a forthcoming mission in the sequel.

Microsoft has not confirmed a new release date for Halo Infinite. Roberts however stated that the sequel has been “pushed to late November 2021.” While that suggests Microsoft to be considering an earlier release at some point, locking down a holiday release would make more sense for an Xbox flagship offering.

Halo Infinite was originally supposed to be a launch title for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S before being delayed due to player-negativity surrounding visuals and sorted gameplay elements. Microsoft hence decided against pushing the game and tasked developer 343 Industries to chalk up improvements and enhancements on par with next-generation expectations.

Halo Infinite, at the time of writing, has been narrowed down to launch for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC exactly a year after being delayed.

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