Halo Infinite Will Not Feature Paid Loot Boxes, 343 Industries

The upcoming Halo Infinite will likely feature microtransactions, however, this feature will not be extended for the loot boxes as studio head has confirmed that Halo Infinite will not have loot boxes that players can buy with real money.

343 Industries studio head Chris Lee noted in a recent Tweet that the development team hasn’t finalized its plans for the microtransactions in Halo Infinite but he assured that the game will not feature paid loot boxes.

The reason why 343 Industries is avoiding paid loot boxes might be the controversial nature of them. As loot boxes are currently being investigated in a number of countries and paid loot boxes generally have a bad reputation among the gaming community.

As I mentioned earlier the game is most likely to feature microtransactions which will hardly be surprising since they were present in Halo 5 and they were quite lucrative according to Microsoft.

While it is not confirmed that if Halo Infinite will feature microtransaction or not but a recent job listing suggests that the game will definitely be featuring microtransaction but, at least they won’t be converting it into a pay-to-win title.

Speaking of Halo, Halo 5 was criticized for focusing on Jameson Locke instead of Master Chief and 343 Industries has taken notice of it as the studio has confirmed that Halo Infinite will focus primarily on Master Chief as opposed to Halo 5.

The Team also heard feedback loud and clear on The amount of time spent playing as The Master Chief in Halo 5. In Halo Infinite, The game will focus on The Master Chief and continue his saga after the events of Halo 5.

Also, the game’s title has many fans wondering if the game is a prequel or a spinoff Halo title, however, the studio has confirmed that Halo Infinite is a direct sequel to Halo 5.

Microsoft has revealed just one trailer for the upcoming title which revealed that Halo Infinite will be set on a Halo ring, however, didn’t reveal which one and why.

While we don’t have an answer to why a Halo ring but dedicated fans have found out that Halo Infinite will be set on Halo Zeta.

Halo Infinite is a first-person action shooter in development at 343 Industries for PC and Xbox One and currently, no release date has been announced for the game.

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