Halo Infinite Started Out As An Overwatch-Like Hero Shooter

It may not look that way right now but Halo Infinite was once being developed as a hero shooter with Overwatch-like gameplay systems.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, YouTuber Chris Ray Gun criticized developer 343 Industries for spending most of its budget on creating Halo Infinite as “an Overwatch clone” that had to be scrapped in the final two years of release because its hero-based systems were just not working right.

Several more came forward afterward to make similar claims about former creative director Tim Longo pushing 343 Industries to create Halo Infinite as a hero shooter. Some assets showing grapple hook abilities were also shared.

Taking to Reddit for clarification, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier confirmed that 343 Industries was indeed working on “various hero-based prototypes” during the early development stages of Halo Infinite. There were Overwatch-like protyptyes built for both PvP and PvE.

Schreier, however, was fairly certain that 343 Industries did not switch to the current Halo Infinite version in the last couple of years of development. He marked the claim of the developer scrambling in the final years to reforge the game as “mostly false.”

Unlike previous games in the franchise, Halo Infinite was released without a cooperative mode for its single-player campaign. 343 Industries stated last month that it needed “more time” to finish the co-op modes but on the weekend, confirmed that cooperative play will become available in August.

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