Halo Infinite File Size Leaked

Halo Infinite had a great technical beta and there was a lot of praise for the game. Now, fans are waiting excitedly for the full release of the game. Although we now know a lot of things about the new Halo title, fans were still wondering that what will be complete file size of Halo Infinite.

Well, that question might have been answered through a leaked image that shows Halo Infinite File Size to be almost 97GB.

halo infinite file size

Now, we are not sure if the file size of Halo Infinite on all the Microsoft platforms will be same or not. It might be slightly different on PC but it seems like the image shows the file size of Xbox Series X as the average game size on Xbox One is around 50GB. In any case, if you own the latest Xbox or a PC, now you have the idea about how much space you are going to need on your system for Halo Infinite.

Also, there is a great probability that there will be a Day One update for Halo Infinite. So after complete installation, the game might go above 100GB mark on the consoles. So Halo infinite could be a massive install for the fans. It goes without saying the 97GB file size is not an official confirmation and should be treated as a leak. Hopefully, Microsoft will reveal the full specs of the game soon.

Halo Infinite is scheduled for a release during Holiday, 2021. Exact release date for the game is yet to be announced by Microsoft.

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