Halo Infinite Listing Ditches Support for Xbox Play Anywhere

Halo Infinite, the next chapter in the iconic flagship franchise, may release in the near future without support for the popular Xbox Play Anywhere program.

The official listing by Microsoft for the upcoming sequel makes no mention of the said feature. While the omission could be due to human error, listings for other upcoming first-party games from the publisher such as Gears 5 clearly mention support for the consumer-friendly scheme.

Under the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative, purchasing a supported game on either Xbox One or Windows 10 automatically gets you free copy on the other platform. This process is further backed by cross-save functionality, allowing your progress to move between the two platforms. It basically gives players the freedom to play wherever they want without any added cost.

Halo Infinite will still support 4K, HDR, and Xbox One X enhancements. Xbox Play Anywhere is the only missing feature from the list and that warrants a clarification. Microsoft has already been requested for a statement and an explanation should be available for fans this week.

Halo Infinite will be the first installment in the science-fiction franchise to release on PC in more than a decade. The last entry on desktop systems was Halo 2 back in 2004. Hence, there is much excitement on both sides of the fence. There will likely be a large portion of players hoping for Xbox Play Anywhere to be there.

Halo Infinite has been in development at 343 Industries for around three years, and remains without a release date. The new installment was only shown off for the first time at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2018) last month. However, it was purely a demonstration of the game engine and actual gameplay footage still remains aloof.

Halo Infinite will continue from where Halo 5: Guardians left off and place Master Chief in the main spotlight once again after he was shoved aside to make way for new characters the last time.

In other news, 343 Industries has confirmed that there will be no battle royale mode for Halo Infinite. The developer has also ruled out the mode for Halo 5 and future installments for the time being.

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