Halo Infinite Battle Pass Has 120 Tiers Of Rewards

Halo Infinite had already leaked a few details about its debut battle pass of the first season but the early access beta has now helped surface even more information to prepare players for the upcoming release.

According to a post on Reddit earlier today, the Halo Infinite battle pass will be called “Noble Sacrifice” and will feature 120 tiers in total. There will be a “paid track” for premium players to purchase and which will unlock a new cosmetic at every tier. The “free track” on the other hand will feature all of the consumables but appears to be “average” compared to its premium counterpart.

Whether players opt for the free or premium track, the Halo Infinite battle pass will still unlock a bunch of rewards varying between common, rare, epic, and legendary rarities. The final tier of the battle pass will, for example, unlock a legendary armor called “Judgement Crown: Burning With Conviction” which is being assumed to instill live flames or a burning animation on the player.

Both developer 343 Industries and publisher Microsoft have repeatedly assured that the Halo Infinite battle pass will be worthwhile even if players decide against the premium track. The 120 tiers at least confirm that players will be putting in a lot of gameplay hours as they progress through the season.

A couple of months back, Halo Infinite was rumored to feature “a lot of wacky stuff” for the multiplayer, an example of which was a snowman skin for the Christmas season. 343 Industries is said to be going the way of Apex Legends, meaning that cosmetics will be thematic in nature and most often over the top with humorous elements.

Halo Infinite will be gracing Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and PC on December 8, 2021; making for a joyful month of festivities.

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