343 Industries Says Halo 5 Statistics Are Not Directly Comparable To Halo 3

Halo 5 is one of the most successful Xbox One exclusive title, however, according to Halo 5 statistics the game has not been so popular as the developers 343 Industries claim it to be.

Almost a week ago 343 Industries claimed that Halo 5 player numbers have increased, not only increased but have surpassed Halo 3 in terms of monthly players.

Brav, the community manager for the Halo series, revealed that number of monthly active players, even before the Halo 5 free promo started, were higher compared to the highest monthly average of Halo 3. Since this statement the online population of Halo 5 have been discussed very much on online forums.

According to many TeamBeyond forum users Halo 5 Guardians does not even come close to Halo 3 in term of online population. Even user stated that Halo Reach was far more popular than Halo 5.

However, 343 Industries have acknowledged that Halo 3 is more popular compared to Halo 5 in term of online population, but the population statistics are not directly comparable. The reason behind the statistics not being directly comparable is that both games use different data methods.

Josh Holmes, Studio Head for 343 Industries, was asked why 343 Industries was so anxious about Halo 5 statistics. To that Holmes replied that these statistics could probably be gathered from the public Halo 5 API program which gives players tools to access game data.

Pretty sure you can pull them in the public API. We don’t display in game because people tend to focus on them too much and it can impact player behavior as a result. Also, the methodology isn’t consistent game to game so it leads to inaccurate comparisons. Even trying to compare XBL position is pretty meaningless because player distribution over time has changed so much.

Halo 5 is Xbox One exclusive first person shooter developed by 343 Industries and published by Microsoft.

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