Halo 5: Guardians Warzone Boss Tips and Strategy Guide

Halo 5: Guardians Warzone Boss guide with tips and strategies to defeat these tough foes.

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Halo 5: Guardians Warzone Boss Tips

You will come across different Normal and Legendary bosses in Halo 5: Guardians ‘Warzone Mode’. These bosses, upon being killed, reward players with VP – 25 VP for Normal Boss and 150 VP for Legendary Bosses.

These bosses appear at fixed time interval in pre-determined locations on the map. Some of these bosses provide bit of a challenge and, therefore, must be dealt with a team.

Also note that some of these bosses appear on different maps under different names and variants, but the core strategy of defeating each one remains the same.

Finally, beware of the lurking opponent soldiers nearby as one only needs to drop the killing blow to take away all the bounty offered by a boss.

This guide details all the bosses that you encounter in Warzone:

Sangheili General
This boss is fairly easy boss fight. You need to eliminate the minions first before focusing your attention towards the boss.

The team should use the combined firepower to deplete the boss’s shield and follow-up with accurate headshots. While solo-ing the boss, maintain a safe distance from its Plasma Grenades and Energy Swords.

Ranger Commander
Before focusing on the Ranger Commander, make sure to eliminate the boss’s minions. You should consider using hard-hitting and rapid-fire weapons to deplete the boss’s shield.

Once the shield is down, you need to follow-up with a few accurate headshots to complete the boss fight. Always be on the run and do not engage unless there is sufficient cover available.

Soldier Enforcer
Similar to other bosses, you need to eliminate the boss’s minions before focusing on the boss. Similar to Ranger Commander, you should not consider roaming around without suitable cover.

Moving from cover to cover, you need to stay clear of the Splinter Turret and try to get behind the boss. While it is possible to solo the boss, things become so much easier when you are joined by a one or more buddies.

Baron ‘Sraom
The legendary boss can easily be defeated if you move from cover to cover. I highly recommend completing the boss battle with a few buddies to complete it before the enemy team has a chance to engage.

Since we are talking about 150 VP, expect the opponent to be near the boss. This is your chance to jump in, eliminate the opponent forces, and eliminate the Baron yourself.

If possible, make sure to deploy an anti-vehicle weapon such as Spartan Laser to complete the boss fight without much difficulty.

Knight Marshal
The first thing that you need to know is to always engage Knight Marshal from a fairly long range. If possible, use your best long-range weapons to fight the boss from a safe distance.

If there are not enough long-range weapons available, you should definitely consider staying behind cover at all times.

You need to find a spot where you are not easily targeted by boss’s minions and make sure to eliminate them before focusing on the Knight Marshal.

Patrol Leader
Before heading in, you need to ensure that you eliminate the threat accompanying the boss in the form of its minions. This can be achieved from a fairly long range.

Few of the most annoying things about the Patrol Leader include his constant HP regeneration and high damage potential. Therefore, it is advised to move from cover to cover and get the support of a few buddies.

In order to make a short work of the Patrol Leader, you should focus fire using hard-hitting weapons such as Rocket Launcher and target the Patrol Leader sitting over the Ghost.

Knight Strategos
Before engaging this boss, you need to eliminate its minions from a long range and then head in.

What makes this boss fight an easier one is the fact that the boss does not move from his position until you get in extremely close. For this reason alone, you need to deploy all your buddies’ long range weapons and eliminate it from a safe distance.

Remnant Hunters
Here is the best tip that you can possibly get for this boss fight: do not head in alone! Remnant Hunters not only deal crazy amount of damage, but can also sustain a lot of it.

You should always try and engage them from a fairly safe distance or always be on the move; in case you do not have any long range weapons available in your arsenal.

Moreover, always remember to keep both the Hunters in your line of sight at all times. You will get punished badly if your focus on one Hunter and lose sight of the other.

Other things to keep in mind while fighting Remnant Hunters is that you need to hit them at the back to hit their weak spots or use a Spartan Charge to stun them for a brief duration of time.

Knight Dignitary
For this boss battle, it really works in your favor if you have an aerial vehicle in your arsenal. Similar to other boss battles, you need to eliminate the boss’s minions before focusing your attention on the boss.

Knight Dignitary can easily dish out some serious damage to you unless you are maintaining a safe distance. The idea is to stay on the move, use hard-hitting and rapid-fire weapons, do not get in close and you should be fine.

Waden Eternal
You should definitely consider having all your firepower in order to eliminate the Warden Eternal. Since the boss relies on AOE attacks the most, maintain a safe distance to stay alive.

However, the boss also has an orb attack which can pass through light cover and tracks you all around the map. The only way of escaping the orb is to get behind a thick cover.

You need to continue hitting the boss until you see his weak spot revealed. When you see them, use any hard-hitting weapon to inflict massive damage and close in to assassinate the boss.

Once again, since we are talking about 150 VP here, expect the enemy team to be lurking around. If you see them, make sure to eliminate them and then start attacking the boss again.

Tankmaster Rok
After the fight starts, you should head in and try to inflict damage using various grenades and heavy weapons. Personally, I find Hydra Launcher to do wonders against Tankmaster Rok.

Move from cover to cover, avoid the incoming damage, do not head in too close, and if possible; try to deploy a couple of Wraiths to make it relatively easier.

Use airstrike from the likes of Banshee and Phaetons to complete the boss fight faster.

Captain Hestro
One of the best things that you can deploy in order to counter Captain Hestro is chaingun on the Warthog. Since the boss is worth 150 VP, you should definitely consider deploying Banshee and other aerial vehicles to eliminate it.

While you are operating the aerial vehicle, you need to have your fireteam on the ground providing fire support. However, amidst all this, make sure that there are no lurking opponents nearby trying to drop that killing blow and steal your bounty.

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