Halo 5: Guardians Legendary Special Weapons Locations Guide

Halo 5: Guardians Legendary Special Weapons locations guide to help you obtain the most powerful weapons in the game.

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Halo 5: Guardians Legendary Special Weapons Locations

The weapons are found in campaign. Essentially, these are the reskinned variants of other weapons with increased firepower. The guide details the locations of all 28 Legendary Special Weapons in campaign.

Loathsome Thing
Mission 1: Osiris
Proceed through the mission until you come across the Kraken in an open area. Proceed towards the crashed vehicle and check the nearby ledge to find the weapon.

Blaze of Glory
Mission 2: Blue Team
Proceed through the mission until you come across a bridge with a shotgun near some crates and a grate. Charge through the grate, drop down, clear the area of enemies, and head right instead of going forward. You will see the weapon sitting on a ledge.

Talon of the Lost
Mission 7: Reunion
After confronting convenant for the first time, proceed as usual by climbing some rocks. Head right when you see the fuel rods, pass the gun cabinet, and search the area on the left side after dropping down to find Talon of the Lost.

Pool of Radiance, River of Light, and Twin Jewels of Moethrillion
Mission 7: Reunion
You can watch the video posted below for the locations of the 3 weapons:

Light of Urs
Mission 13: Genesis
Confront a Guardian on the bridge and head to the other side of the bridge followed by dropping inside a gap in the rocks. After you arrive in the new area, obtain the data file and Light of Urs.

The Answer
Mission 13: Genesis
Fight a duo of Wardens on the bridge and check the weapons case on left side of the bridge to find The Answer.

Didact’s Signet
Mission 14: The Breaking
Proceed through the mission as usual until you reach the elevator. Clear the platform of all the enemies and check the ramps in the area to find Didact’s Signet.

For rest of the Special Weapons, you can check out the video guide by MAKA-91:

This guide is currently a WIP. We will add more Legendary Special Weapons in days to come.

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