Halo 4 “Will Deal With Fate of John and The Fate of Cortana”

We knew Halo 4 will be the first game of the scheduled Trilogy but now we know the name of Trilogy. 343 Industries during Pax Panel revealed some interesting tidbits about the game and name of the said trilogy and that is Reclaimer. Interestingly most of the questions were responded with ‘We can’t talk about it yet’ answers but hey, that was expected.

343 Industries Frank O’Conner had this to say about the setting of Halo 4:

This trilogy is a direct continuation to the events in Halo 3. It will deal with the fate of John and the fate of Cortana.

and starting with Halo 4, Master Chief would be more emotionally involved into everything that happens in and around him. He would be more than a simple killing machine:

You’re definitely going to have the opportunity to dive deeper into John’s mind in this trilogy.

At the end of the panel, 343 Industries revealed a concept art slideshow of Halo 4 – Which shows some of the settings of the game. You can watch it in the video that follows:

Food for thought, What is Reclaimer?
Read all about it on Halo Nation Wiki and let’s dig out the setting a bit more. If you are into speculations, read here.

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