Halo 4 Vehicles Tips and Strategy Guide

For the most part in Halo 4 the vehicles have remain unchanged. The only difference is the addition of the “Mantis” to the vehicles arsenal. We prepared this Halo 4 Vehicles Tips and Strategy guide to help you get familiar with all these vehicles.

Vehicles still play a large part in the multiplayer battles in Halo 4 so you can’t ignore them, but you will pretty much feel at home with the vehicles use if you have played Halo: Reach.

For those of you who are not familiar with the vehicles in Halo 4, continue reading this guide to find out different strengths and weaknesses of these vehicles.

Note. Before we jump into details, remember to keep your vehicle stationary. Keep it moving all the time so you do not become an easy target for your enemies.

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Halo 4 Vehicles

This is a two-man ATV. Although it is slower than the Warthog, it is also more maneuverable and difficult to hit as well.

Although it does not have its own weapon, the passenger can accommodate for it by carrying a power weapon. Due to its versatile mobility, this vehicle is ideal for capturing flags and rushing enemy bases.

This is a three person operated vehicle. It comes in three different versions:

M12 LRV Warthog: A standard Warthog with a chain gun turret. The chain gun can rotate full-circle. It can also rise to about 60 degrees. Use both abilities to take down enemy aircraft. While in this vehicle, enemy infantry should not be a problem for you. Furthermore, you can use it as a blockade vehicle.

M12G1 LAAV GAUSS HOG: It features an incredibly powerful Gauss cannon instead of a chain gun. The driver of this vehicle needs to keep it level on the ground. It becomes increasingly hard for your Gunner to aim if your vehicle has two of its wheels in the air. Gunners should make every shot of their cannon count as it is already a slow firing weapon. Furthermore, the Gunner should be the one giving directions to the driver and warning him about enemies.

M12R LAAV ROCKET Warthog: Instead of the chain gun, this variant of the Warthog features dual rocket pods. These pods contain a total of six rockets. All rockets are fired in a sequence every time the pod-turret fires.

This vehicle is very effective when you make it go against other vehicles in the game. Moreover, due to its ability to fire a volley of rockets, it can be used to block a path.

Scorpion Tank
This durable tank has a mounted cannon and a chain gun. The cannon of the tank is similar to the rocket launcher but much faster. When using the launcher, do not aim for the foes, instead aim at the ground nearby.

The chain gun on the tank has the sole purpose of not letting anyone board your tank and hijack it. Furthermore, the hatch covering the driver of the tank can easily be destroyed by a well-placed shot.

Once destroyed, you can take out the driver as well via a head shot. Use this tip to hijack enemy tanks. Be warned your foes may try the same thing on you.

This is the newest vehicle we talked about earlier. The right side of the vehicle has an extremely powerful chain gun. The left side of the vehicle has a rocket pod capable of firing all of its six rockets in one go.

When playing with Mantis, remember that it does not offer any good maneuverability. Your only purpose in the cockpit of this vehicle should be to take down enemy vehicles, especially Banshee and the Tanks. Furthermore, Mantis can provide cover fire to your team mates.

This is a single-person vehicle with two plasma cannons. It can rip through enemies with its boost function. To splatter your enemies, move towards them either from the side or behind.

Most people do not pay attention to their radars, so they would not know what happened to them until their guts are splattered all over the floor. Furthermore, this vehicle can get inside buildings; this is where you can unleash the powers of your plasma cannons to cause havoc in close quarters.

This is a single person operated aircraft. It can fire from two weapons; plasma cannons and Fuel Rod Cannon. However, unlike previous Halo games, Banshee has been balanced out.

The first order of the day with this vehicle is to keep it moving. It can be ripped apart by DMRs and Assault rifles so make sure you are not under their concentrated fire.

You can avoid their fire by keeping your Banshee at an elevated position. When fighting with troops on the ground, drop bombs at them instead of using your cannons as they are much weaker.

However, when combating with another aircraft, utilize plasma cannons to take them down.

This tank is perhaps the most dangerous and strongest vehicle in the Halo 4. It certainly is the most enduring one, as it can take a lot of damage. Wraith has a plasma turret but its major offensive capabilities come with the plasma mortar.

This weapon needs to be calibrated. However, it deals enormous damage. When firing the mortar aim for the enemy’s feet to ensure damage.

Do not use up your boost too quickly. Save it to splatter your enemies or to escape from a boarder running alongside your tank. The hatch covering the driver of the tank can be easily destroyed by a well-placed shot.

Once destroyed, you can take out the driver as well via head shot. Use this tip to hijack enemy tanks. Be warned your foes may try the same thing on you.

The Mammoth is a huge transport vehicle that we initially got a glimpse of in the gameplay footage of Halo 4, E3 2012. This Vehicle is called Mammoth for a reason, having six wheels and almost seventy meters in length.

When using this transportation, you’ll have a feel of both anti-aircraft as well as anti-warship weapons platform.

It specializes in eliminating lethal vessels, weapons and fortification in earthly areas. Mammoth has an internal area where it carries the M12 Warthog and the M274 Mongoose.

They are usually stored through a magnetic engagement in the roof of the bay.

Mostly this vehicle is painted in brown color and can sport a Mark 2457/35cm HRG “Mini-MAC” turret on top, Two M79 MLRS on each port and for close-in defense, a starboard side

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