Halo 4 Tracker Loadouts Tips and Strategy Guide

One of the numerous specializations you can unlock up to rank 50 in Halo 4 is the Tracker and if this is your class of choice, read these Halo 4 Tracker Loadouts Tips.

Halo 4 Tracker Loadouts Tips

The Requisition armor mod allows users the ability to recall their own ordnance requests in order to acquire more helpful weapons in the field.

Therefore, as soon as you get an ordnance drop, you can select some grenades, a weapon and a power-up.

The Tracker Specialization enables you to equip the Requisition armor mod. This armor mod allows players the freedom to choose a new set of personal ordnance when ordnance is available.

Meaning, you are given the option to re-roll in a case where none of your three choices suit your game style. Hence a re-roll with an all-new selection.

The list of ordnance has a system of its own. It will bring up choices based on your previous selections. So as the game progresses, you’re most likely to get the weapons you’re good at or your favorite power up.

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Recommended Loadout
Specialization: Tracker
Primary Weapon: DMR / Lightrifle
Secondary Weapon: Magnum / Boltshot
Grenade Type: Frag
Armor Ability: Active Camo / Jet Pack / Promethean Vision
Tactical Package: AA Efficiency / Requisition*
Support Upgrade: Ammo / Ordnance Priority

The loadout is aimed at establishing your own fort and picking off enemy players from afar. The Lightrifle will do this job perfectly. Armor abilities will grant you the necessary mobility you’ll need to reposition, move to higher grounds or scan out assassins.

The only problem with this loadout is that you’ll soon run out of ammo. Not to worry because the support upgrade will tale care of this both ways. The ordnance priority upgrade will actually bring in the drops faster.

Upon upgrading Specialization you’ll eventually unlock; Tracker purple visor, Tracker armor set, Tracker armor set variant, Boltshot Weapon Skin, Requisition Armor Mod. So, you’re in Luck!

Don’t forget to share your own loadouts with us in the comments below. Share your strategies and tell us why you opted for that specific loadout for the Halo 4 multiplayer while playing as a Tracker.

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