Halo 4 Support Upgrades Guide

There are multiple things to choose from while making a loadout for Halo 4, and upgrades is one of them. To understand more about these upgrades, follow this Halo 4 Support Upgrades guide.

Halo 4 Support Upgrades

If you find Armor abilities insufficient to fulfill your requirements in the battlefield, worry not, the developer has support upgrades for you.

However, the question here is that which upgrade you should go with? Well, if you know their functions and tactical benefit, the selection task will become easier.

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The following Support Upgrades can be found in Halo 4 multiplayer:

Allows you to carry extra ammo on spawn. If you don’t like to pick up the dropped weapons, this upgrade can save you the trouble.

If you have trouble in knowing what exactly is going on around you while using scope, this upgrade will make things easier as your motion sensor will stay on while scoping.

When it comes to weapon switching and reload, the dexterity armor mode will let you do it at a faster rate. Upgrade can come in quite handy for those who love to rush through the battlefield.

Drop Recon
Through Drop recon, you will be able to predict the landing point and the content of the next ordnance drop. Once you have the location, you can get there faster than others. You will have to progress through Engineer Specialization to unlock it.

The grenade damage inflicted is increased while the player using this armor mode receives lesser damage. So, it’s all about grenades, and if you love to pop them up towards enemies, it’s a recommended upgrade.

This upgrade will increase the time before an attached weapon is over heated. If you are carrying a detached weapons, you will also get a slight speed boost. Progress through the Pathfinder Specialization to unlock this ability.

This upgrade displays the location of the latest enemy Spartan that eliminated the user on the HUD. It can be unlocked by finishing the Stalker Specialization

Assassination becomes easier through this mode. You will be able to move faster and quicker, which will help you land the hit before your opponent realizes your presence. Progress through Wetwork Specialization is needed to unlock it.

Ordnance Priority
If you are using this mode, you are more likely to get the ordnance drops. This can be useful in the shifting nature of the battlefield.

It reduces the recharge time for the user’s shields from 6 seconds to 5.

While you’re taking fire, this upgrade improves your weapons stability; making your shots more accurate. Basically, it makes you flinch less.

This upgrade improves the motion sensor’s range and sensitivity.

If the vehicle is about to blow up, this upgrade ejects the player from it right before it explodes.

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