Halo 4 Rogue Loadouts Tips and Strategy Guide

Probably, one of the most popular specializations so far, Rogue is a lone Spartan with quite a few handy tricks up its sleeve. If you prefer this specialization, read our Halo 4 Rogue Loadouts Tips and Strategy Guide.

Halo 4 Rogue Loadouts Tips and Strategy Guide

Spartan optimization for single-operative missions which require a lone Spartan to be deployed on their own for incredibly long duration of time, even years if required. The Stability armor mod allows users to increase their aiming stability when being fired upon.

The Stability Armor Mod is a necessity for any player who wants to go for precision weapons.

While others would have a hard time focusing on their target, Rogues have an advantage of better stability while zoomed in and keeping the cross-hair steady even when taking damage.

Leveling up the Specialization will grant you the following:

  • Armor Set
  • Armor Set Skin
  • Weapon Skin
  • 4 Foreground Emblems
  • 1 Background Emblem
  • 1 Visor Color
  • Armor Mod

The Armor Mod is acquired at level 10 of this Specialization.

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Recommended Loadout #1
Specialization: Rogue
Primary Weapon: DMR / Lightrifle / Carbine / Battle Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Magnum / Boltshot
Grenade Type: Frag
Armor Ability: Active Camo / Jet Pack / Promethean Vision
Tactical Package: Mobility / Shielding
Support Upgrade: Ammo / Dexterity / Stability*

This loadout suggestion is for those who have no interest in holding their fort as rogues. We’re talking rushing into enemy territory, taking out the players as they spawn, pulling off headshots at a medium range.

For such gameplay you can opt for Active Camo instead of Jet Pack as your armor ability. The ability to quickly maneuver into position under the enemy’s radar is never a bad idea. For Support Upgrade, you can always go for extra ammo even when you want to rush into battles.

However, you’re going in a close range means you have less time to react. The stability perk will ensure stability for confirmed hits, and Dexterity will allow you to switch weapons faster with shorter animations. Take what suits your style.

Recommended Loadout #2
Specialization: Rogue
Primary Weapon: DMR
Secondary Weapon: Magnum
Grenade Type: Fragmentation
Armor Ability: Jetpack
Tactical Package: Shielding
Support Upgrade: Ammo

The DMR is off course your weapon of choice with Rogues. Equipped along with the Jetpack, players will be able to reach vantage points to take better angled shots at enemies. However, not everything offensive is good, Shielding in Tactical Package will ensure that your shield remain at maximum at all times. The Ammo support upgrade is helpful but not necessary.

Don’t forget to share your own loadouts with us in the comments below. Share your strategies and tell us why you opted for that specific loadout for the Halo 4 multiplayer while playing as a Rogue.

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