Halo 4 Complex Map Strategy Guide

The Halo 4 Complex map is set up on the planet Requiem and features an ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) scientific complex. The map opens up the world a bit for players who might feel claustrophobic in Adrift and Abandon.

Halo 4 Complex Map Strategy

Each side in Complex has their own base building, which is a host to a number of weapons and vehicles. Additionally, there are a number of other buildings, rooftops and pathways throughout the map.

Use of the provided vehicles can help players cross the map in quick time.

A bridge in the center of the map connects to the scientific facility, and it is here that much of battles will take place.

Map Layout
Complex is a well-balanced map which offers many structures that can be used to get around. The red teams generally spawn on the left side to the cliff, which is sort of a darker side while the Blue teams spawn on the lighter side which is on the right to the cliff.

The pathways and roads leading to the central bridge become the focus of attention since vehicles from both sides meet up at this point.


The additional buildings and rooftops provide many spots for either long-range snipers or cover for close-range assaulters.

To the left of the Red team’s spawn area is a Warehouse and immediately behind to them is a Sniper Rifle. Moving further right leads to the Scattershot spawn and past this area is a Heli-pad and then comes the Blue team’s area.

Now to the right of the Blue team’s area is The Garage and as you move further along the cliff, comes Computer Room and the Warehouse. Then there is the inner area of the map comprises of Computer Room, The Lift and the Factory.

There is also the second level of the structure which includes two corridors towards the outside and there is a large area towards the inside too. The Energy Sword spawns near the Cliff Edge area.

Power Weapons
Energy Sword: It is located in the middle of the map near the scientific facility.

Scattershot: It is located in the middle of the map, just behind the ‘energy sword’.

Sniper Rifle: There are two sniper rifles in the map and both are located onto the buildings at each team’s spawn points.

Other Weapons

  • Grenades
  • Random Drop Weapons

Ghost: There are two Ghosts in the map and both are located at each team’s spawn points.

Mongoose: There are three Mongoose vehicles in the map and all three are located at each team’s spawn points.

Tips and Strategy
While Complex offers many vantage points for snipers and long ranged riflemen, the cover provided is minimal. Hence, it’s great to equip yourself with some sort of rifle and take down enemies on the rooftops with short controlled burst.

If you’re not a fan of that, then you can go for the DMR for more precise shooting from longer ranges.

To kill a bunch of players altogether, you should go to the Choke points of the central building and one of the towers as during a Flood, all the survivors hold out there and the Choke point is where they come out of.

There are many suggested load outs for this map, and it really depends upon your play style. Note that driving to the center of the map just to check out your vehicle’s mileage is not a good idea.

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