Halo 3 Steam Crash Fixes, Stuttering, Login Issues, Error 0xc000007b

Halo 3 has been available on PC through Steam since yesterday, adding another title to the Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Over the past 24 hours, players have been experiencing glitches and sudden crashes in Halo 3 on Steam. We’ve collected some of the Halo 3 PC related known issues to help you out with any problems you might face.

Login Issues

Players report facing issues when trying to log in to Halo 3 on Steam. The Master Chief Collection prompts you to “Let this app access your info”. If you hit No, you’ll be stuck at this phase without being able to log in or out again. You’ll need to delete any files in this directory in order to stop the loop:


You can also try disabling Steam Cloud Sync in order for it to not automatically add any information you don’t want while logging in.

Unknown Map Files

If you’re getting an error saying you have unknown map files, your best bet is to verify your game files and launch the game again.

Stuttering in Multiplayer

This is an issue affecting players on a large scale and it’s most likely caused by the number of players on the servers right now. The developers will be addressing the issue if related to the servers. If the issue doesn’t subside by then, you should try checking your connection, connect via ethernet if you’re using wifi now and reset your connection.

Crash at Startup /Groundhog.dll

If you get such an error while trying to launch Halo 3 on Steam, resulting in a crash, you’ll need to navigate through the game files. Find the groundhog.dll file and delete it. You will then need to verify your game files again and launch Halo 3 once more.

If you’re not getting the Groundhog error and just a crash, try running the game as an administrator at first. If this doesn’t work, try disabling your firewall or anti-virus and verify game files again. One more thing you’ll need to check is whether or not your GPU drivers are fully updated.

Error 0xc000007b / Error KERNEL32.DLL

These are issues related to your Microsoft Visual C++ Distributable files. You’ll need to install them again via Microsoft’s official website.

Apart from the aforementioned issues and crashes in Halo 3 on Steam, Halowaypoint has posted a list of known issues that the team will be addressing soon. If you’re experiencing any of the following errors, you’ll need to wait for a hotfix:


  • “Security” is available as a separate chest option in customization and cannot be saved. To equip Security gear in gameplay, use the “Security” Helmet option
  • Campaign Terminals can only be navigated with Page Up/Page Down Keys (PC Only on Mouse and Keyboard)
  • Player Emblems may appear incorrectly on the Pause Menu on Xbox One S devices
  • Some keys cannot be bound when using non-English keyboards


  • Host and Clients may see inconsistent behavior while moving objects with different physics set in multiplayer forge sessions – all yellow bugs below.
  • Auto-Turret in Forge will target friendly users when placed.
  • Navigating Forge Menus with d-pad on controller will toggle the axis rotation option

Halo 3 is extremely popular on Steam right now with more than 20.000 concurrent players, despite its crashes and errors. All of them will be fixed in the next few days, that is depending they aren’t bound to your hardware and OS. You can find more fixes for Halo: The Master Chief Collection here.

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