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There is a lot to explore in Halo 3 ODST on Xbox 360 by Microsoft, and every truth you learn, every secret you uncover gets you more engaged and curious about the narrative. Audio Logs, riddled throughout the map, are such an aspect to Master Chief’s story and our Audio Logs locations will brief you on all the locations with clear instructions.

Halo 3 ODST Audio Logs Locations

Apart from getting key details about the game’s world and the plots revolving around our characters, Audio Logs serve as collectibles so if you’re the completionist type, you cannot live without them.

Moreover, you will also unlock Supply Caches around the map for listening to these Audio Logs. Supply Caches provide you with weapon ammo and Mongoose.

It is advised to first complete the entire campaign since you will then be given access to all locations without any restrictions. You will be playing as Rookie on a mission titled “Mombasa Streets”. You can then scout the areas easily for these Audio Logs.

It is highly encouraged to keep the VISR vision on since it will highlight the terminals in yellow. While under VISR, nearby alarms, phones and lights will also indicate the presence of a nearby Audio Log.

Without further ado, let us break down the locations for the 30 Audio Logs in Halo 3 ODST. Almost all of these are found within the Mombasa Streets region with only a single log accessible during the Data Hive mission.

Audio Log #1
As you descend from the drop pod in Halo 3 ODST, move right and into the hallway and take a left past the turrets until you reach the area where Buck first discovered Dare’s drop pod.

Here, on the south side of the street of Tayari Plaza, look for the terminal on the ledge left of Dare’s pod.

Audio Log #2
Riding the Mongoose, head to the traffic gate and open it to move south to fitness a fierce encounter between the Brutes and the Engineers.

Now get out of the vehicle and move up the ramp to get you just above the street level. Here, you will observe the train ticket dispenser with the Audio Log is near it.

Audio Log #3
Making your way west from the previous Audio Log, look for the big “5” symbol on the building. Head to the glowing red-light area directly below this symbol and you’ll find an Audio Log among the four terminals.

Audio Log #4
On the southwestern side of the street, and southeast of Audio Log #3, the Audio Log can be found in one of the corners near the blue-screen display monitor.

Audio Log #5
A little southwest of Audio Log #4, find the entrance to the garage here via the entrance situated at the southwest corner of the street. Find the Audio Log within this underground garage.

Audio Log #6
Directly west of the previous Audio Log, look for the intersection on the west side of the street. Here, a couple of terminals, along with the Audio Log, situated just to the left of the staircase.

Audio Log #7
Head southwest from the previous Audio Log. Proceed through the doorway on the northern corner of the building to get to the Audio Log.

Audio Log #8
From the previous Audio Log head southeast to the edge of the map to reach a big security door. Ascend on the elevated platform and proceed through the gate to collect the Audio Log.

Audio Log #9
First, pick up the Drone Fighter Optics near Uplift Reserve to make it easy for you to find the other logs. Directly south from the previous log, make your way to the gazebo and find the terminal front and center of the area.

Audio Log #10
Proceed north from Audio Log #9 and ascend the ramp to reach the door that leads you to Tayari Plaza. Instead of proceeding through the door, look for the ledge towards the east.

Follow this fall towards the door. Enter it to find Audio Log #10 in the Medkit.

Audio Log #11
Northeast of the previous Audio Log on the map, move forth to reach Kizingo Boulevard. The Audio Log is inside the recruiting center just south of the beacon checkpoint of Kizingo Boulevard.

Audio Log #12
The location of this log is southeast of the previous log on the map. Head north and past the Kizingo Boulevard waypoint. Ascend the ramp to reach this Audio Log near the shut traffic gate.

Audio Log #13
West of the location of Audio Log #12 on the map, you will find Audio Log #13. It is a terminal on a raised platform past the alleyway.

Audio Log #14
Straight north up from the previous Audio Log, make your way to a flight of stairs leading you to a sky path. Look for the Audio Log in one of the corners.

Audio Log #15
Slightly northwest of Audio Log #14, this one can be under an overhead as you move off the street.

Audio Log #16
A couple paces northeast of the previous Audio Log; you will find the Audio Log #16 at this location. Make your way to the traffic gate north of ONI Alpha Station waypoint. Ascend the ramp to collect the Audio Log.

Audio Log #17
Slightly northwest of log #16, this next one can be found as you move near the entrance to ONI Alpha Station. Take a left to enter through the door to reach the station. Proceed to the underground/lower level of the station to find the Audio Log.

Audio Log #18
Your next Audio Log is directly north of the previous one. To reach it, proceed through the nearby traffic gate and look for a truck near a crate. First, hop onto the crate and then onto to the truck to finally reach the platform that has the Audio Log in the corner.

Audio Log #19
Again, a few clicks north of Audio Log #18 lies this new one. Proceed through the courtyard and move northwest until you reach the building set ablaze. At the bottom of the staircase, you will find Audio Log #19.

Audio Log #20
Southwest of the previous Audio Log, return to the truck and the crate and then proceed north to reach the traffic gate. Turn left to enter the alleyway to collect Audio Log #20 near the big door.

Audio Log #21
On the map, your next destination lies in the southwest direction from the previous log. Keep proceeding towards the route north from where you collected the Audio Log #20 to reach the walkway.

Then ascend the stairs to find another walkway which has Audio Log #21.

Audio Log #22
The next Audio Log is southeast from the previous one. Proceed forward after descending the stairs and past the traffic gate towards NMPD Headquarters.

Move past another traffic gate and take a right to gain access through a hidden path. Find Audio Log on the structure bridging the lower and upper elevated roadways with two engineers in the place.

Audio Log #23
A little south of the previous Audio Log on the map, Audio Log #23 can be found near the intersection of the roads as you pace northwards a few clicks from Audio Log #22.

Audio Log #24
A bit southwest from Audio Log #23, this one is a large doorway that leads to a red-lit hall. Proceed to the outdoors where the Audio Log will be situated.

Audio Log #25
Directly west from the previous log on the map, proceed northeast after moving past the upside down the cable car. Once you reach the NMPD Headquarters waypoint, move a little northeast to find Audio Log #25 inside the UNSC Recruiting Center.

Audio Log #26
Slightly south of the previous location, for this Audio Log, take the road which is east of Audio Log #24. Enter the plaza and continue east to find Audio Log #26 at the end of the alleyway here.

Audio Log #27
Extreme north of Audio Log 26 and slightly northwest of Audio Log #19, you will be able to find Audio Log #27 at this spot on the map. It is off the road on the north side, just below the walkway that leads to the entrance of the building with the big “3” symbol.

Audio Log #28
A few clicks north of Audio Log #27 lies the next Audio Log. Proceed through the traffic gate and to another plaza. Move to the center of this plaza to listen to the Audio Log on the large Optician Dispenser.

Audio Log #29
The last one to be found in Mombasa Streets, Audio Log #29 is a little southeast from #28. This spot is reached by heading west from the previous Audio Log and taking the stairs in the courtyard of the Kikowani Station.

Audio Log #30
The final Audio Log for Halo 3 ODST demands you to try out a different map and mission. So exit the game and start the Data Hive stage.

During the mission, you will eventually come across an NPC soldier who will escort you through level 9 and to a frozen area.

While on this route, you will face many Covenant enemies so get rid of them and ensure the soldier does not die since the last Audio Log can only be reached with his assistance.

The soldier will reveal a hidden passage that was previously greyed out on the map. Follow him to the laboratory before executing him for his rogue actions.

Look for the Audio Log #30 in one of the corners of the lab and there you have it, all Audio Logs collected!

You will have earned the “Audiophile” Achievement for your efforts and all bits of story-related details that scratch your Halo’s narrative-focused itches.

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