Twitch Streamer Makes History by Beating Halo 2 LASO Challenge

Halo 2 speedrunner JerValiN has finally managed to beat the infamous Halo 2 LASO challenge recently put up by MoistCr1tikal. JerValiN has beaten Halo 2 without dying on Legendary difficulty with all skulls on (LASO) except for the one that actually gives benefit to the player.

So you think, Elden Ring hit-less or deathless runs are difficult? Well think again as this Halo 2 feat hasn’t been achieved by anyone in 18 years until recently. Since the release of the game, not even a single player had managed to complete the game on Legendary difficulty with all skulls on except one without dying. Now, one crazy streamer/gamer who goes by the ID JerValiN has managed to achieve that feat making history.

Recently, Twitch Streamer MoistCr1tikal announced a bounty of $5000 for anyone who manages to beat Halo 2 LASO, a feat, which no player had achieved since the game’s release.

The challenge became quite popular in the community and many tried to beat the challenge but failed. MoistCr1tikal then, to increase the motivation, increased the bounty amount to $20000. Many though that no one would be able to get this bounty however, eventually, after a lot of struggle, JerValiN managed to prove all wrong and beat Halo 2 LASO (Legendary all skulls on).

Now if you are thinking that how hard could it be? Well, I will suggest that you give it a try yourself. With all those skulls on Legendary in Halo 2, the game virtually becomes a cheat and unplayable. The LASO challenge is quite famous in Halo franchise and it was hardest to achieve in Halo 2 considering the already menacing Legendary difficulty of the game. But now, the history has been made after 18 years and it will be interesting to see more streamers complete this challenge or not.

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