Half-Life Alyx Trailer Released Onto YouTube, Releases March 2020

The Half-Life Alyx trailer has been released onto YouTube today, giving gamers a sneak peek at the first-ever Half-Life VR title, and the first Half-Life game since Half-Life 2: Episode 2 came out back in 2007. The game, which focuses on Gordon’s companion Alyx Vance, will be releasing sometime in March of 2020.

Alyx takes place before the events of Half-Life 2, and focuses on Alyx as she makes her way into a Combine fortress known as the Vault in order to steal a weapon for the Resistance. Along the way she must also rescue her father, Eli Vance.

While we’ve been given no indication that Gordon Freeman will be in the game at all, considering we don’t know when this takes place he could show up at the very end. However, the game isn’t all just cool shootouts with Combine.

Since it’s in VR, in addition to looking great, the Half-Life Alyx trailer also shows us things we’re less comfortable getting up-close-and-personal with, such as headcrabs, which you’ll now get to be scared of even more as they lunge at your actual face. And where there are headcrabs, there are headcrab zombies.

The game will be playable (in game at least) through a pair of high-tech gauntlets that allow Alyx to gravitate stuff into her hands, such as guns, ammunition, and more. They will also help players to unlock doors and find the solutions to various puzzles.

Considering this is the first Half-Life game to come out in around 13 years, hopefully this means that Valve is ready to start developing more games again, and hopefully more Half-Life games will be in the works too if Alyx proves to be a success.

While there’s no guarantee of success considering the game is VR-exclusive, hopefully being the first Half-Life game in 13 years will propel the game to success. You can watch the Half-Life Alyx trailer for yourself by following this link. Once again, the game will be coming in March of 2020.