Half-Life: Alyx Easter Eggs

Even though your main concern in this virtual world is fighting against vicious aliens called the Combine and you are humanity’s last hope you still wouldn’t want to miss out on the easter eggs in-game. This Half-Life: Alyx Easter Eggs guide is therefore all about the locations of the easter eggs you can find while you are playing as Alyx Vance.

Half-Life: Alyx Easter Eggs

So when you are in City-17 you should look for the following easter eggs.

In the introduction of the game, you will see a soggy newspaper containing headlines regarding how Dr.Breen gave the earth’s access to Combine. You will also be able to read news criticizing what Dr.Breen did.

The next easter egg relating to Dr.Breen can be found in Russell’s lab. This easter egg is a wired like a magazine with Dr.Breen’s cover on it, suggesting that he is going to be everyone’s savior.

Gnome Chompski
Half-life gamers probably know about this guy from Half-life 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 where you had to launch him in a rocket in episode 2 of HL2 and you could use him as a melee weapon in Left 4 Dead 2. As for this game you could be able to find him sticking on the side of a fridge in Russell’s lab. He is a bottle opener and not a melee weapon, unfortunately.

Kleiner’s Book
“From Here to There”, the same book you could find in Half-life 2 in the Black Mesa East Chapter, can be found in this game too.

At the very start of the game turn around and you will be able to find this book on the teleportation machine. Unfortunately, you can’t read it.

Dog’s Baby Picture
This particular easter egg can be found on the high shelf in Alyx’s surveillance room. A cute baby dog robot picture along with Alyx’s plans to become a more powerful adult as we saw him in Half Life 2 can be found here on the shelf.

You will get to know about Beatrice from the bulletin board. She is a cat that likes to chase bugs and doesn’t respond to her name. later you will be able to find another picture of Beatrice in the woman’s apartment. The woman is quite worried as Beatrice is missing so she will slam the door on your face to go out.

Later in the game when you hop out of the truck and look up at the rooftops around you, you will be able to see a cat wondering around.

TF2 Scout Figurine
When you explore Russell’s office you will be able to find one here and another one later in the game hiding on the shelf. You can feed the later one to barnacle too.

Tiger Mask
You can find a wearable tiger mask in the old zoo portion of the game if you explore the area thoroughly. The mask is something you wouldn’t want to wear all the time as if restricts your view.

You will find a piano that you can play in the lobby of the hotel you visit midway through the game. Russell will ask you to play a song on this piano too! Even he will play a song too!