Half-Life: Alyx Contains A Death Stranding Easter Egg

Looks like Half-Life: Alyx has an Easter egg relating to the Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding game. The Easter egg was spotted by some sharp-eyed players while playing Valve’s latest VR game.

Reddit user KnightzIX posted a picture from Half-Life: Alyx of a box that seemed oddly familiar. Upon further inspection, it turns out that it was a Death Stranding-style piece of cargo. The box had the BRIDGES logo along with the iconic yellow tape from Death Stranding. Next to the box is a pair of black boots that have yellow soles.

Both these items appear in the 8th chapter of Half-Life: Alyx. Players can stumble across this cargo in the locked storage room which is guarded by laser trip mines. If you haven’t been living under a rock, this Easter egg wouldn’t surprise you.

Kojima Productions recently released a trailer for the PC release of Death Stranding. In that trailer, a crossover between Death Stranding and Half-Life: Alyx was confirmed.

At the end of the trailer, Sam Bridges was seen wearing a headcrab along with some gravity gloves. Later on, Hideo Kojima confirmed that those were “collaboration items” for the upcoming crossover. It makes sense that Valve would also hint at the crossover in their latest VR endeavor.

We don’t have any more information regarding the upcoming collaboration however fans should definitely keep an eye out for the crossover. The Half-Life game series have been revolutionary for the sci-fi FPS shooter genre whereas Death Stranding brought a new twist to the AAA game formula.

Both franchises seem to share some sci-fi elements but are different enough to warrant a crossover. It’ll be interesting to see what Valve and Kojima Productions has in store for us.

Half-Life: Alyx came out a few days ago and it seems to be the next stage of evolution in VR gaming. The game has surprisingly received praise from fans and critics as VR games usually don’t get this much approval. It goes to show what this gaming platform is capable of when a developer of Valve’s caliber decides to make a VR game.

If you are one of those people that cannot afford a VR headset, you can still play Half-Life: Alyx. For those of you wanting to get their first taste of VR gaming, our guide will surely help you out.