Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 5 The Northern Star Walkthrough

In ‘The Northern Star’, the fifth chapter of Half-Life: Alyx, you have to make your way through several buildings and snap the cables keeping the vault up in the air. In this Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 5 The Northern Star walkthrough, we’ll be showing you how to complete Chapter 5 step by step.

Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 5 The Northern Star

You start off this chapter in the little storage room of the hotel. When you open the door and walk out, you’ll see something crawl up the elevator and cut off the electricity.

Move to the right and make your way to the lounge area. You’ll be rushed by a face-hugger, who you can take out with just one hit. There will also be a man being mauled by one of them. Put him out of his misery.

Make your way to the bar ahead and grab a Resin from the bottom shelf and under the counter. There will be a dead body by the counter with some sort of battery on it. Take the batter and go through the door to the left of the bar’s gate.

In this maintenance room, you’ll find the breaker-boxes. Place the battery in the one that opens up as you enter. Open up the ‘Elevator Main Power’ box and press the red button, and then fix the wiring.

Go back to the elevator and fix the wiring, starting from the door of the storage room. Remove the painting to the left of the elevator to open up another maintenance box and finally get the elevator back up and running.

Press the elevator button to call the elevator. The elevator will come… but in a not-so-smooth fashion. Use the ladder inside the elevator instead to get up on the second floor.

Get the Resins from the kitchen table and bottom drawer next to the oven.

Continue forward into the locker room. Grab the Resin from the locker to the left of the door. Before opening the door, be prepared to get back as far as you can immediately because there will be a green creature on the wall, which will explode after you open the door.

Grab the Resin from under the TV in the bedroom, jump down from the hallway, grab some more Resins from the room to your right and the room behind you.

Jump down once again and enter the room to your left. You’ll see a black tentacle-like thing coming down from the hole in the roof. Peek up the hole and shoot the creature. Walk forward a bit and you’ll see bubbles coming from the shelves.

Walk back as far as you can and let all of them explode. Shoot the other creature in the hole above and grab all the Resins. Exit the room, walk down the stairs and go into the kitchen. Go through the door to the right. Move down the hallway.

When you go through the door to your left, the electric creature you saw in the elevator will fall down right in front of you, but it will not attack; it’ll just run away.

Chase after it and kill it. It’ll drop an orb of some sort. Put that orb in the machine next to the door of this area and it’ll open the gate next to it. Walk through and jump into the hole in the wall and open the gate around the corner.

Solve the code by connecting the matching colors. Once you walk through, the roof will open up, showing you the elevator you need to get to. Carefully make your way down. Before you get the ground floor, kill the creatures there.

Go further down using the stairs in the corner and you’ll meet the ‘Lightning Dog’ once again. Keep shooting at it until it leaves this area, then go back to the ground floor and continue shooting at it again. Kill it again to get the same orb. Put it in the machine next to the giant hole in the wall and press the button to call down the elevator.

After the elevator takes you up, walk down the walkway and get into the building. Open the door in front of you by matching the colors on the orb and upgrade your gun. Go back through the door and jump down into the bedroom. Go into the corridor and jump down through the door to the left.

Go up the slope, into the hallway and go towards the infested wall to your left. Wait for all the explosive bubbles to pop and move into this room. Go through the bathroom, towards the stairwell. Go up the stairs and into the bedroom ahead.

Break the glass on the window and jump outside, on the ledge beneath it. Walk to the right and open the window of the room. Throw a grenade in there to kill all the creatures in there. Watch out for the guy popping out of the bathroom.

Go through the door and you’ll be in the stairwell. You’ll see a tentacle coming from above and a face-hugged guy coming down the stairs. Let the guy come down the stairs, towards you and the tentacle will do the work for you.

Go up the stairs and through the door on the left. Jump down into the hole the very last door on your right in this hallway and go through the bathroom into the hallway. Go through the door to your left and walk down the hole in the wall.

Go up the stairs and head through the slightly-opened door in front of you. Use the wood to get up above. Turn around and walk forward a bit. You’ll see a shield blocking your path which you need to shut down to progress forward.

Go back down the stairs you came from and go into the Maintenance room. Jump down and turn around to get into the server room. Grab the gun and move the table to go through the door. Shoot the infected people and shut off the power by pulling the lever in the box to the left.

Go back outside the server room and use the ladder in the broken elevator to get in the room above. Go through the hole in the wall and go up the stairs, into the room above. Get to the elevator on the other side of the room and go up to the room above.

Move forward and go through the gate on the right to get to the corridor. Turn right and go through the room with the pool tables and go into the infected room next to the stairs.

You’ll face the Lightning Dog once again here. Keep shooting at it like you did before until it ‘dies’ and gives you the orb. Go back up the stairwell and put the orb in the machine outside the infected room to open the gate there.

Move forward and jump down the little hole in the floor. Open the door and you’ll be at the walkway outside the building again. You have to now snap the cables.

Push the lever with one hand and shoot the red light with the other. After that, go to the machine on the left and pull the handle to free the creature, who will tell you to go to the vault.

After you go down the elevator, you’ll have a battle with some armed men. Keep yourself behind cover and focus your fire on one of them at a time.

You can also earn multiple achievements here. Catch one of the grenades thrown by Combine soldiers with your gravity gloves to earn Deadliest Catch achievement. Using your gravity glove to steal items from a living soldier will also earn you the Combine Harvester achievement.

Go through the green door to the right. Open the box and fix the power lines. This will allow you to upgrade your weapon. Go back outside, and go up the stairs. Here, you’ll have to fight some more bad guys.

Go inside the building ahead and go up the stairs, while disabling the lasers in your path. Once you go inside the room on the top floor, you’ll be shot at through the window. Carefully peek and fire the two enemies outside.

From the balcony, jump into the balcony in front of you and go through the door in the kitchen. Disable the two lasers with your Multitool to unlock Safe Trip achievement and jump through the hole in the wall ahead. Eliminate the enemies in this infected apartment and go up the stairs.

Go through the storage room and walk down the bridge to the other building. Open the door and jump down to the right to complete Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 5.