Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 10 Breaking and Entering Walkthrough

After finishing up Chapter 9, you are almost near the end of Half-Life: Alyx now and here we have prepared a Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 10 Breaking and Entering Walkthrough.

Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 10 Breaking and Entering

Head straight along the corridor that you find yourself in at the beginning of the level. You’ll hear a firefight break out above you as you get out from the corridor and begin ascending back to ground level.

You come to a tunnel with a medical station and some ammo laying around next to a zombie corpse. Open the gate to the right, here you’ll find a grub nearby on top of one of the yellow barrels.

You’ll find a resin in a yellow crate nearby. As you move up the corridor, a handful of zombies will rush you while an armored headcrab drops from above behind you. Climb up into a nearby vent to grab a Resin and a pistol clip from the opposite side.

As you descend into the next chamber, you’ll find a Resin on the landing in front of you, and another Resin on the ground to your right.
Kill the zombie and open the yellow crate to loot a grenade and a pistol clip.

Nearby where you got a Resin is an ammo crate containing SMG ammo nestled behind some boxes, and a yellow crate with some shotgun shells inside. Head up the stairs to a boarded door, and remove the boards. Inside and you’ll find a zombie and a locked container. Kill the zombie, and open the container to find a single healing syringe.

Turn around and turn right, and you’ll find a fenced opening that shows you a view into a hallway with a ladder, a yellow crate, and a Resin. Grab the resin with your gloves and then turn around and head to the control panel.

The two controls on the panel lift up both of the wooden sheets on both sides of the platform. on your right and you’ll find a third control button, which raises the giant pipe. You have to raise the pipe before you can raise the wooden sheet on the left side of the platform.

Once everything is raised, head back down to the platform and jump aboard. You’ll have to fend off some blue antlions here, but you can use the plank boards as shields for their projectile attacks. Take them out, then turn right and hop down to the lower floor of the platform.

Get off the boards, and teleport across to the opposite side below. Once down there, climb up the ladder to enter the area on the other side of the fence you saw earlier. Open the vent gate to find a resin, then turn left into the room and you’ll find two more resins.

Shoot the lock on the door, then backtrack to the platform where you fought the blue antlions earlier. Teleport directly across this time. Climb up the ladder, then go straight around the corner to find another resin pickup and a weapon upgrade station. When ready, head all the way up the stairs and mantle over the cluster of barrels at the top.

Kill all the barnacles on the way and the zombies that comes from the doorway, then climb up the ladder to a medical station and a doorway that says ‘Exit’.

There’s ammo stored throughout the next room so go and grab whatever you need. The next area has Combine army attacking you at once. Nearby cars, dumpsters, and phone booths usually contain a little ammo, health syringes, or grenades.

You want to get to a shed that you can clearly see across the battlefield early on. Inside, you’ll find even more of everything you may need, along with solid cover and an unused medical station.
Once you have taken out the Combine attack, continue through the alleyway, shoot the lock on the door,break the boards off the next door, and begin making your way up the tower.

Shoot the manhacks that attack you from above, and then climb up the ladders that lead up to a spiral staircase. You’ll have to shoot manhacks and a Combine soldier as you make your way up the staircase. At the top, teleport down to the platform below you.

Turn around and walk back up the wooden plank, then turn right and exit out of the hole in the wall. Continue working your way around to the right, and shoot the Combine that attacks you from the platform above.

Continue up the next staircase, which leads you to another spiral tower. This time you’re just going across. Shoot the manhacks and Combine soldiers that attack you from the opposite entrance. When you’re finished fighting, circle around and exit the tower from where those Combines just came from. Continue up the next flight of stairs.

Soon you’ll be on the final catwalk up to the security station. You’ll face off against a Combine armored in a corridor with a Combine with a shield at the end and a medical station nearby, but you’ll want to take a left turn through a boarded-up door. Don’t access the medical station or heal.

Make your way through the boarded door in the next room, then up the ramp to the top floor. Make your way down the catwalk and push forward the handle on the left side of the control console. You’re then presented with a bunch of lever handles to push, but it doesn’t matter what you do next. No matter which you choose, the Vault will still crash into City 17, knocking Alyx out.

When you wake up, descend into the open pit leading into the ruined underground parking garage. Search nearby Combine corpses for ammo as you make your way across a short walkway to a working medical station. This is where the previous medical station comes in handy.

Dropdown further into the caverns until you get a drop on a Combine patrol talking about the “total” destruction of something, presumably the Vault. Shoot them, then open a locked container nearby to find some ammo and a grenade.

Drop down to the next section and you’ll fight another Combine patrol standing next to a deactivated Strider. Head right and activate the sensor inside of the wiring closet. Complete as much of the circuit as you can, then lift up a nearby metal sheet with your head or hands to move past it into the adjacent room.

From the next room, look to your right and activate the next sensor to continue the circuit.

Complete it, then climb up the ladder and complete the final circuit. You can now flip the switch that provides power to the elevator. Before you make your way back, look for several ammo crates nearby, as well as a room with a medical station and a grub in it.

When you’re ready, backtrack to the power button for the elevator, and call it down. The Strider will become alive and begin firing at you, so take cover until the elevator comes. Once the elevator arrives, jump into it and press the green button, then take cover and wait for the elevator to reach the top.

Once the elevator lands, start running as fast as you can through the wreckage to evade gunfire from the Strider.

Once you get to a foyer with a health syringe and a kitchen, stop to loot any items you need from the cupboards here in the kitchen. This is your final fight against the Combine.
As you make your way uphill through several squads of Combine soldiers while also evading gunfire from the Strider, take cover behind vehicles and search car trunks for additional ammo.

There healing station in the parking garage after you’ve cleared it once and for all, as you’ll want to be at full health before approaching the next area. At the end of the parking garage is a garage door that you’ll need to lift with both hands, leading you right out into the final arena with the Strider.

The next part is all about movement, cover and placement. Keep moving up behind the piles of wreckage as you get closer and closer to the Strider, picking up and applying health syringes along the way. As you wont be using conventional weapons, don’t worry about ammo management. You’ll finally reach a mounted grenade launcher with which you can finally take down the Strider.

It has a shield projected in front of it, so keep facing to where the Strider is shooting you from to get cover from incoming bullets. Your dominant hand aims the grenade launcher and your off-hand pulls back the lever to fire it. You can fire almost as fast as you’d like, as long as you mimic the complete motion of pulling the lever all the way back and pushing it all the way forward.

After shooting the Strider around six or seven times, it will begin projecting an orb of dark matter. You have only a couple of seconds to fire at the orb, countering the Strider mid-attack and causing it to collapse.

Once it’s dead, walk towards the beam into the green light and you will be done with Chapter 10 Breaking and Entering mission of Half-Life: Alyx.

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