Steam Users Support Half-Life 3 By Nominating Half-Life 2 For An Interesting Category

Fans of the Half-Life franchise are still on the fence about the third game in the series and Valve is still not giving them what they want, nothing has changed. But fans have not given up hope for Half-Life 3 as fans are making their voice heard with The Steam Awards.

But fans are not ready to give up hope for Half-Life 3 as they are making their voice heard with The Steam Awards.

In the awards section on Steam, Valve allows users to name their own award and nominate a game in that category and Valve has promised to feature the most popular write-ins. Naturally, Steam users took this opportunity to show off their sense of humor and make a statement.

As you can see in the picture below shared by one if the user who selected Half-Life 2 as their game of choice and nominated the game for “Game That Deserves A Sequel”.

However, Half-Life fans are rallying behind this idea in the hopes of Valve taking notice of their desire to play Half Life 3.

Half-Life 2 launched in 2007 and the story for the game was supposed to be wrapped up in the form Episode 3 but this never happened.

Rumors have been making rounds on the internet that Valve is not going to develop Half-Life 3 until it feels that there is enough innovation and technological advancements to make sure the third game in the franchise is as substantial as its predecessors.

According to a recent leak, Valve might me working on a new Half-Life game, but the game is Half-Life VR instead of Half-Life 3. The leak suggests that assets from the original Half-Life games were previously used to experiment in VR.

If you want to support Steam users to see Half-Life 3 developed then log-in to your Steam account and nominate the game in the category.

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