Hades Titan Blood Farming Tips

Titan Blood is one of the most important items in Hades. If you want to progress quickly in the game, you need to be able to continuously farm Titan Blood. To help you out with farming Titan Blood in Hades, we’ve prepared this guide containing all the tips and tricks you need to know to do so.

Hades Titan Blood Farming Tips

To unlock and level up the Infernal Arms’ aspects in Hades, Titan Blood is the key. To level up an aspect to the max, you’ll need the following amount of Titan Blood:

  • First Aspect (Zagreus Aspect): 5 Titan Blood
  • Second Aspect: 15 Titan Blood
  • Third Aspect: 16 Titan Blood
  • Fourth Aspect: 15 Titan Blood

This means that you’ll need to farm 306 Titan Blood in total to fully upgrade all weapons and aspects in Hades.

Always check the Wretched Broker

The Wretched Broker is the best way to get items in Hades. He pretty much sells all the valuable items you can possibly get in the game, including Titan Blood. This makes the Wretched Broker the simplest way to farm Titan Blood in Hades.

At the end of every single run (even if you died in the run), make sure to visit the Wretched Broker inside the House of Hades.

The Broker usually sells the Titan Blood for one Ambrosia, which you can also buy from him. However, there’s a small chance for him to sell Titan Blood for 15 Chthonic Keys as a limited time offer, but it’s non-repeatable.

Don’t Buy all the Legendary Keepsakes

If you unlock all the Legendary Keepsakes and start leveling them all up, you’ll be spending a lot of Ambrosia.

Instead of doing this, it’s a better idea to spend your Ambrosia on buying Titan Blood from the Broker.

The only Keepsakes you actually need to level up are Companion Shady and Companion Fidi.

If you want, you can unlock the rest of them; but don’t bother spending your precious Ambrosia on leveling them up.

Fated List Quests

There are a few quests in your Fated List that reward you with Titan Blood or Ambrosia.

So, make sure to complete all the following quests to be rewarded with Titan Blood:

  • War-God’s Bloodlust – 2 Titan Blood: Eliminate 10,000 enemies and increase the level of Ares’ affinity.
  • Master of Arms – 10 Titan Blood: Perform a successful run with each weapon in the game.
  • Harsh Conditions – 10 Titan Blood: Perform a successful run while having a heat level of 20 from the Pact of Punishment.
  • Wanton Ransacking – 3 Titan Blood: Kill every single boss and mini-boss in all the areas of the Underworld.
  • Dark Reflections – 4 Titan Blood: Unlock every single perk in the Mirror of Night and perform a successful run.

Pact of Punishment

The Pact of Punishment will be given to you by Hades when you leave the Temple of Styx for the very first time. The Pact is a way to make the run harder for yourself so you can get more rewards.

The number of rewards you get will scale with how many bounties you take. Your heat level will be boosted by each bounty and a higher heat level will also allow you to get even more rewards.

When you defeat a Fury and Final Boss for the first time, you’ll get one Titan Blood for each.

To get more Titan Blood from these enemies, you can increase your heat level using your Pact of Punishment and defeat them again.

By the time you’re done with heat level 20, you should earned have about 252 Titan Blood.

One thing to note is that keeping the same Pact of Punishment settings at all times will not get you very far in Hades. Sometimes, your settings will work perfectly with a weapon; and other times, they won’t work at all.

Having the best Pact of Punishment settings for each enemy encounter will allow you to progress more easily in Hades, which will also allow you to obtain more Titan Blood.

Buy it From Charon’s Shop

Open up the Mirror of Night and enable Golden Touch. After that, start farming as much Obols as you possibly can, so you can spend it in the Styx Shop to buy yourself some Titan Blood.

Charon sells Titan Blood for 1500 Obols. After enabling Golden Touch, you should pay Charon a visit at the end of each victorious run and buy yourself some Titan blood.