Hades Theseus and The Minotaur Boss Guide

Tips and strategy to defeat Hades Theseus and The Minotaur boss.

Theseus is popular for killing the Minotaur in Greek mythology, but now you will see them fighting together in a two on one battle against Zagreus in Hades. This Hades Theseus and The Minotaur Boss guide will help you deal with this encounter.

The two on one may seem unfair but don’t worry, our guide will help even the odds by laying out what you can expect in this boss fight.

Hades Theseus and The Minotaur Boss

You will face Theseus and the Minotaur in the Elysium levels’ last chamber.

The Stadium in which you fight both the bosses is an enormous roundabout field with indestructible columns arranged circularly in the middle.

A portion of these columns serves as a place for the crowd to watch the battle. Now let’s start with both the Bosses Attacks.

Minotaur Attacks
Asterius (The Minotaur) uses a variety of attacks including the Ace Slash, A Jumping Attack, and Charge depending upon the situation and need.


In his Axe Slash attack, Asterius swings with his huge hatchet, cutting a bend before him.

While in some cases he will jump and crash to the ground followed by more swings of his hatchet.

When Asterius is health is low he will produce a shockwave that moves along the ground which is called Shockwave Smash. Similarly, he can use his charge attack which will cause gigantic harm if it hits you.

Theseus Attacks
Theseus also has different attacks like Spinning Spear, Spear Throw, and Blocking Shield. Spinning Spear is a melee attack in which Theseus spin around with his spear and cause damage to the opponent.

In the Spear Throw attack, as clear from the name, Theseus will throw his spear in a line.

This attack is also dangerous but can be avoided easily by using the pillars. Lastly, Theseus has a Blocking shield that will prevent any damage taken from the front side.

While Fighting you will see that when Theseus health goes down to 50% health, he will utilize Olympian Aid for power from a God.

For a brief moment, he will turn invincible and call upon and random Olympian God.

This power will take the form of circular AoE attacks which have different spreads and patterns depending on which God was invoked.

They deal damage a short delay after they appear meaning you’ll have plenty of time to react to the circles and dodge.

Boss Fight Strategy

Moving onto strategy to defeat Theseus and The Minotaur, your primary objective should be to take out the Minotaur early.

Asterius the Minotaur is constantly in your face and that can be even more troublesome if you targeted Theseus first and triggered the Olympian Aid ability.

Furthermore, if you encountered Asterius in some previous room in Elysium, he’ll start with lower HP, further incentivizing targeting him first.

When only Theseus is left to fight, the battle gets easy for you.

You can then focus on him and simply avoid his attacks and protect yourself from his spear throw attack with the pillars or timed dodges.

Repeat this cycle once Theseus enters his second stage at half health and simply be careful with the circles that he brings forth.

At the point when you have defeated both Theseus and Asterius in the Elysium Stadium, Zagreus will be granted with Ambrosia if Bounty conditions are fulfilled.

This implies it should either be Zagreus’ first triumph against them with a previously un-used infernal arm, or the Target Heat must be met for that weapon.

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