Hades The Furies Boss Guide

In this Hades Furies Boss guide, we’ll tell you about all three Fury bosses that you’ll face, their attacks, and how to defeat them.

We’ve also mentioned the rewards of winning this boss fight and further tips that you’ll require after unlocking Extreme Measures.

Hades The Furies Boss

This boss fight will be one of the first boss fights that take place in each run. You’ll face these bosses in room 14.

There are three different bosses you’ll have to fight: Megaera, Alecto, and Tisiphone.


Megaera is the first Furies Boss that you’ll have to fight. The fight will take place quite early on in the game, and chances are that by that time you’ll barely be getting your grip on the game.

However, there is nothing to worry about since the battle would be piece of cake.

First of all, her attacks are in a fixed pattern that is quite easy to memorize.

Secondly, there are plenty of pillars in the room for you to take cover.

Megaera’s attacks

  • Whip Swipe: Megaera will rush towards you to attempt this attack. If you already have sufficient distance from her, you probably won’t have to worry about the attack.
    If you’re close by, prepare to dash and make a quick dodge. (Damage: 13)
  • Shadow Bolts: Here you’ll see a series of shadow orbs, making their way to destroy you.
    A single shadow orb won’t do much harm, but Megaera is smart enough to attack you with sufficient shadow orbs at a time to reduce your health.
    You can either dodge them or deflect them using Athena’s boons. (Damage: 4 per shadow orb)
  • Shadow Flame: look out for circular outlines forming on the ground and you don’t want to be anywhere near them when they burst out into flames, which they will eventually. (Damage: 8)
  • Mobs: they’ll appear when Megaera’s health is at 75%, 50%, and 25%. They don’t have any other purpose except to take your attention off the main boss. Mobs include thugs and witches.

As long as you’re aware of her attack patter, this will be an easy fight.

Later in the game, you’ll have access to Varatha, the Eternal Spear, or the Twin Fists of Malphon weapons, and defeating Megaera would be much easier.

As far as the skills are concerned, Ares’ Blade Dash and Slicing Shot will do the trick.


Alecto will appear when you’ve defeated Megaera several times. The fight would take place in a different setting.

There’ll still be pillars around you, however, they can crumble away under Alecto’s attacks.

The fight is supposed to be more challenging than the fight with Megaera but turns out Alecto is even more predictable than her sister.

This takes away the challenging aspect of the battle.

Alecto will stop every now and then to build up her rage. This is the best opportunity to plant your move.

During this time, she’ll be the most vulnerable.

However, if you don’t take advantage of the moment and she successfully builds up her rage, she’ll come at you pretty hard.

Alecto’s Attacks

  • Blood Bolts: Alecto won’t let you attack her that easily when she is building up rage.
    She will attack you with red bolts. You’ll have to dodge them, and then attack her.
  • Shadow Flame: Seems like she has inherited this attack from her sister, except that this time around the circles on the ground will follow you around. Make sure you’re well clear of them.
  • Whirling Blades: these blades will be roaming around the room consistently, and they can attack you more than once.
    Keep an eye out for them. (Damage: 7 per hit)
  • Mobs: similar to Megaera, Alecto will also summon mobs to assist her when she feels like she is losing the battle.
    The mob consists of Louts, and Alecto’s reinforcements will be less than that of Megaera’s.

Dodge her attacks and attack her with Blade Dash or Slicing Shot when she is vulnerable to win the battle.


Once you’ve defeated Alecto, you’ll run into Tisiphone in your next run.

She is the final Fury that you’ll encounter. She’ll also make sure that you remember this last Fury battle!

The room where the fight takes place does not have any pillars or traps.

The battleground becomes smaller when Tisiphone’s HP drops to 75%, 50%, and 25%.

She will be most vulnerable when she is changing the size of the room. To your relief, there won’t be any reinforcements during this battle.

The Bloodstone location would be reset when the room is resized.

Tisiphone’s attacks

  • Whip Lunge: you’ll see some green sparks coming your way, and meanwhile if you get struck by the lunge attack, you’ll be stunned for a while. (Green Spark Damage: 4, Whip Lunge Damage: 10)
  • Whip Barrage: this is a conal strike attack, and Tisiphone will place it in different regions around you. This happens to be a three-hit combo attack. (Damage: 13)
  • Laser Shots: some small projectiles will be aimed towards you, but this attack has very low damage. (Damage: 4)
  • Exploding Path: this time around the flames won’t erupt out of circles, instead they’ll erupt out of a single path. Initially, there would be one path, but when Tisiphone is near to death she’ll send the exploding path in four different directions.

You won’t have enough time to breathe as her attacks will be quick, and constant. You’ll have to plan accordingly and keep returning her attacks as the room grows smaller. Make the best use of Dash and Cast skills during the battle.

If you make it out alive during Fury Boss fights, and you use a weapon at a higher requirement for the Pact of Punishment to defeat them, you’ll be rewarded with Titan Blood.

However, you’ll stop receiving bounties if you keep defeating all of the sisters using the same weapon.

You can use Titan Blood to upgrade weapons or unlock new weapons from the training room.

If the bounty requirements are not met, you’ll get 40 Darkness Crystals.

After picking up the rewards you’ll be able to access the Healing Fountain, a Well of Charon, Pool of Purging, and the Keepsake Display Case in the Stairway Chamber.

Extreme Measures
Extreme Measures will be unlocked when you defeat Hades at least once. This modifier will make the boss fights more challenging, including Fury Boss fights.

In the run after unlocking Extreme Measure, you’ll face all three sisters in a single battle making this Hades The Furies Boss encounter the toughest.

One amongst the three would be the main boss, and the remaining two will only be support characters.

The attacks of the main will be the same as before, the support characters on the other hand will only have a few chosen attacks.

Also, you cannot attack the support characters.

These are all the attacks that each supporting character will have:

  • Megaera: Shadow Flame and Fireball Volley.
  • Alecto: Whirling Blades and Shadow Flame.
  • Tisiphone: Exploding Path and Fog.

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