Hades Nectar Farming Guide

In this Hades Nectar Farming guide, we will be discussing all the possible ways there are to amass loads and loads of that sweet Nectar in Hades, the latest roguelike from Supergiant Games.

Hades Nectar Farming

Nectar is required to unlock Keepsakes, Companions, and romance options from NPCs hence, it is a very important item in Hades.

Nectar is a common treasure item but can still prove difficult to find when you need it.

So, here is our brief guide that discusses all the possible ways to Farm Nectar in Hades.

The most effective way to get Nectar is by exploring the underworld. Nectar is one of the possible drops at the end of each chamber.

When you complete a chamber, you have to decide where to go.

Choose any door with a golden-colored Nectar bottle floating over it to guarantee a Nectar drop in the next chamber.

Completing Infernal Troves also drops Nectar sometimes.

There is a 5% chance of each trove dropping Nectar, but you can increase the chance of troves appearing through upgrades at the House contractor.

Purchasing a Trove Tracker item from the Wells of Charon will let you track Troves more easily.

While exploring, be sure to talk to all the gods you come across.

Once you meet and unlock all the gods and boons, you will be rewarded with new unlockable items from the Fated List of Minor Prophecies.

This includes various bonuses, including increased loot and Nectar drops.

There are two boons that can give you Nectar as a bonus. Poseidon’s Sunken Treasure boon gives you a bundle of currency items.

This boon has a 10% chance of giving you a Nectar.

Dionysus’s Premium Vintage boon grants you a little health whenever you pick Nectar and also drops a Nectar when you pick this boon.

These boons are very helpful in farming Nectar especially in the early stages of the game. You can also use the Keepsakes to have a chance of getting these boons early on.

Wretched Brooker and Charon
You can also look for Nectar at the Wretched Brooker’s shop. His stocks keep changing all the time and he sometimes sells Nectar for five Chthonic keys (in a repeatable trade) OR for 10 gemstones (in a limited time trade).

Charon’s shop also has Nectar on offer for 200 Obols sometimes.

You can farm Obols easily by using a Contractor upgrade or through certain Mirror of Night Perks.

So, buying Nectar and other valuables from Charon should not be a problem and you shouldn’t be shy of spending all those Obols for the valuables and Nectar you wanted.

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