Hades Gates and Symbols Guide

What is the purpose of those symbols on the gates in Hades? Let us help you understand their meaning.

Zagreus’s progression in Hades is dependent on what gates you will be picking in the various rooms throughout your journey in the underworld. For this Hades Gates and Symbols guide, we’ll be helping you get familiar with all the symbols you’ll be encountering in the game.

Hades Gates and Symbols


Power up Zagreus’ abilities at the Mirror of Night using Darkness marked by a purple crystal-like symbol.

The unique Artifact can be obtained as a clear reward by opening Infernal Troves, Fated List of Minor Prophecies or by making special deals with Wretched Broker.

Chthonic Key

The Chthonic Key is represented by, you guessed it, a key. It has a purple orb lying within the center at its back.

Use it to gain upgrade choices at the Mirror of Night for Zagreus, and additional Infernal Arms. Obtain Chthonic Keys by clearing Fated List of Minor Prophecies or earn them from trades with the Wretched Broker.

Charon’s Obol

The Charon’s Obol is a gold icon, with a red insignia embedded in the center. Use it to obtain items from Charon’s Shop or from the Well of Charon. Your Obol’s amount will reset to zero upon death.


Obtained by opening Infernal Troves, or by selling boons at a Pool of Purging. You can also find them lying around in Urns of Value.

You can increase the number of Obols you receive by using Chaos’ Affluence Blessing.

Charon’s Shop

Looking to spend some of your Obol? Charon’s Shop is the place for you. The location is marked by a golden mask on a bag.

Charon is the shopkeeper for the game, and you can obtain power-ups, healing items and boons by using the Obols you have collected throughout your journey.

Centaur’s Heart

Pretty important item that will increase your survivability by boosting your maximum health by 25. It is represented by a black heart, with a symmetrical red symbol in the middle.

Can be found as a room clear reward. Additionally, it’s purchasable from Charon’s Shop for a total of 125 Obols. You can also get them as a reward for beating Thanatos during a run.

Moreover, any Centaur Hearts obtained from Erebus encounter of Elite Temple of Styx Wing will give you +50 maximum health.


Certain doors will be marked by exclamation marks. These represent NPC encounters. During the conversation, Zagreus will be given a choice between different boosts.

You can encounter three different NPCs based on where you are at that moment. Each NPC can be encountered once in their respective regions.

  • Sisyphus’ Blessings (Health, Darkness or Obols)
  • Eurydice’s Blessings (Ambrosia Delight, Pom Porridge, or Refreshing Nectar)
  • Patroclus’ Blessings (Kiss of Styx Premium, HydraLite Gold, Cyclops Jerky Select)

God’s Boons

There are ten Gods, out of which nine have their own symbols. Doors will be marked by their respective God’s Boons. However, note that the Chaos God can only be identified after you enter the room

High Grade God’s Boons

You might sometimes come across a God’s symbol, except only this time, it’ll be shining with a small skull next to it. This signifies that enemies beyond this door will be armored and will be a bit tougher to take down.

Although there may be a higher risk, there’s also a greater reward.

Trial of the Gods

A gate with symbols of two Gods and a skull in Hades, means that the next room will be a trial room. You will find enemies on the other end stronger than the lot.

Finishing the room will grant you two boons (Depending on what the symbols were at the door).

If a God has a rejected boon, they will be displeased and will further spawn armored mobs to take you down.

Completing that trial as well will then reward Zagreus with the rejected God’s boon as well.


Nectar looks like honey in a bottle. It’s a giftable item that will improve your affinity with NPCs.

Furthermore, receiving the first Nectar from Zagreus, the pleased NPCs will return the favor by giving you a Keepsake, all except Hades.

Pom of Power

Marked by a Pomegranate, the artifact will increase the level of one of your boons as you acquire them.

You can obtain the Pomegranate from Infernal Gates, Elite Temple of Styx Wing, or buy it for 300 Obols from Charon’s Styx Shop.

Daedalus Hammer

The Hammer has a red grip, and looks a lot like, well; a hammer. It is an artifact which will improve your weapon by upgrading its attacks.

Boss Encounters

Throughout your fights with bosses in Hades, you will receive different rewards. Rooms with said bosses, will have facilities like Charon’s Shop, NPC Blessings and free boons to help you prepare for the boss fight.

Stairway Door

The Stairway Door will be marked by a very simple Staircase and will help you to get to the next biome.


Gemstones are currencies in the Underworld. They are used to buy upgrades at the House Contractor.

Chaos Mechanic

The Chaos Mechanic offers Zagreus boons. Initially it gives a temporary debuff but after that expires, offers greater power as you progress. You can find Chaos through Chaos Gates. They appear as gateways in the floor emblazoned with an image of Chaos’ eye.

Reward Boost

The doors that have a glittering symbol and a skull indicate a higher difficulty room, but also a reward boost (Doubled) upon completion.

Hidden Preview of Rewards

In certain boons of Chaos, rewards will be cursed and you won’t be able to see the rewards. You will however, see a preview of a mask icon. This curse persists until it runs out and converts to a boon.

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